Sunday, 13 April 2008

When There's No Opposition to a Coup

Verdict is in and sentencing ordered.
I’ve been banned from grocery shopping. Easy as that. Done. 1-2-3.

Oh, I only wish.

DH has converted Mary Poppins and I hear the conspiring behind my back. It begins as the car is unloaded of its groceries. I hear the murmers, the mumblings and finally the disappointment surfaces with DH’s line of questioning:

Did you buy potato crisps [chips]?
Did you buy any cookies?
Did you buy any chocolate bars?
Did you buy any peanuts?
Did you buy popcorn?
Eh, no. I forgot.

Honestly, popcorn I would buy but since it’s found in the snack isle it is unlikely to find its way into my cart.

You see, when I shop for food, I’m on a mission: think lean, for the pocketbook and the bod. Also, if it helps my case any, I curb my spending on general groceries, so I that I might buy the best in the butchers and at the local farmers’ market.
And neither of them sell potato chips, not that I’ve noticed anyway.

Besides, I have reasons for my bland purchasing.

1. If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it, therefore you can’t end up wearing it on your hips.
Nor my husband’s. Nor the au pair’s. Clearly this is not their concern, though.

2. A junk free house affords me the ability to ply my girls with packets and sweets when the necessity for bribery arises on the road, at the doctors, most of all, when I least feel like dealing.

3. Healthy eating at home, means one can ravish the menu’s cream laden Tiramisu or the Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake on date night.

Fortunately for me, the girls have yet to file a complaint.
It helps that I refuse to take them grocery shopping.

They, or rather, their caloric intake, is on my side by default. You see, the local school’s lunch policy is strict and for that, I’m thankful. No chips. No chocolate. No chocolate anything…don’t even think of sneaking in that chocolate oatcake. No popcorn. Yes, no popcorn. That one threw me until Babydoll explained her teacher doesn’t like to pick up all the scattered popcorn.

And so it happens, the other day I caught DH telling Mary Poppins that I am no longer allowed to do the shopping.

Purrfect. Punish me. Banish me from this chore. Woe is me.

Question is, if I don’t, who will do the shopping?

Looks like I’ll keep that weight off still.


Anne Marie said...

I hate to tell you this but I am with DH and Mary Poppins!!! We teach moderation in our house, I buy some treats but you have to make them last which they usually do because I only go to the grocery store once a week. I personally couldn't go without ice cream and apple tart with my tea while watching tv LOL!!!!

sara l said...

Lol. I'd be interested to know if DH or Mary Poppins take action.