Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Potatoes in a Box

What's better than a great gift?

A great gift boxed and tied lovingly with a colorful bow or ribbon.
Boxed. In. A. Box.

Remember when you bought your dad his Christmas shirt at the department store and the cashier included a foldable box?

Nowadays, it's off to the gift wrap isle where a plethora of colorful sacks await you for your gift in a bag.
Bagged? In. A. Bag.

In case you haven't noticed the Gift Bag vs. Gift Box is a battle I fight on most special occasions.

New baby neice? Who wants to gift an adorable pink dress only to have it wrinkled and unveiled upside down with matching booties tumbling to the ground. Oh, to have a box for haven and display!

And what about the surprise element? They may look surprised, but, Internets, there is no lid on that bag...no doubt, peeking was involved!

I love boxes. Cute boxes. Simple boxes. Colorful boxes. They bring meaning to my life, my things, my needs, my gifts. When I see a good box I hoard it. I caress it. I wonder. How, oh how, can we procreate?

Well, tonight, my friends, we are in luck. Many thanks to Kelly who introduced me to EstyLabs, who, in turn, did indeed show me how I could reproduce boxes. I'm cured. Boxes to fit all my neurosis.
Well, probably not. But hey, I can have boxes at a whim! Check it out...

These boxes took me all of two minutes. LOOK! No tape. No glue.
And if you make one box an inch bigger than the other, they can be married and love and live together keeping your things held snuggly.

Not only am I recycling paper, but the boxes are so cute!! Made out of 10Kg Irish potato bags, with these logos I might forgo the wrapping paper. Especially for those care packages going to the States from here (Ireland).

I knew I stumbled onto something when I spent the last 10 minutes listing who's gonna get what. Everyone's keen on love parcels!!

So be kind to your mailman, he just might be bringing potatoes in a box to you soon!!


Anna K. said...

I'm totally intrigued! No glue or tape? Hmmmm....you may be on to something.
I'm a gift-wrap slut (He, he..I said slut). Ahem. I like using bags, boxes, buckets, baskets - pretty much anything that I can fit my gift in that's fun.

I like the use of the potato sacks and I think that they're perfect to send to someone in the states.

Great idea!

i'm kelly said...

i'm loving those boxes! how fun it would be to receive a gift in one! i'm jealous. btw... if you can't find mod podge, any decoupage glue will do. but if you're struggling, let me know... i'll put some in the post to you!

Anne Marie said...

Very clever, I used to something similar when I was a kid making doll furniture for my dolls!!!

Cleverclogs said...

No tape...no glue??!!! Those are so cool!