Tuesday, 29 April 2008

From the Depths of Our Sea

Yes, Babydoll? Deep into sewing, realistically she’s got 10% of my attention.

What is it?
I’m hungry!
Honey, when are you not hungry? Please! I’m trying to sew.

Mom? I’m serious, really, I’m hungry.
Well, what do you want?
Can I have some of the seaweed?
Uh? Okay, seaweed? She’s only messing. Back to sewing.

Standing firm.
Please, Babydoll! Sitting still.

But I’m hungry. Why can’t I have some of the seaweed?
Babydoll, I have no idea what you want. Seaweed? Please. I can’t find wasabe paste, let alone seaweed, in Ireland!
You know, Daddy’s seaweed?
What seaweed? Now attention has arisen to 50%.
Daddy’s seaweed! Opportunity to pass arises.
Ok, Babydoll, then go ask your Daddy.

Mom? She’s back.
I can’t find Daddy. Can I please have some of his seaweed?
Babydoll, I don’t know what your talking about?
Well, can I go get the seaweed and show it to you?
Yes. Please do that. At full attention now.

Babydoll returns. With a kiwi.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

LOL...how adorable. That's just the sort of conversation that would take place in my house! :o)

Anne Marie said...

That's too cute.... I am coming up for air - no guests for two nights. I am cutting up fabric for quilt right now!!!!