Friday, 11 April 2008

Confirmed Beauties

Tuesday was my stepdaughter GirlE's confirmation.

As an American with limited knowledge of the Catholic way, I now realize as a mom raising children in Ireland, I need to brush up rather quickly.

For now, I gather what happened on that day is GirlE vowed to accept the Holy Spirit, promised to behave and not drink alcohol.

In turn, we and all her family vowed to enjoy a gorgeous lunch and share some quality time together.

That is, after an exhausting morning of reigning in and minding noisy Babydoll and Cutiepie in church. DH and I now agree it wouldn't hurt us to start attending Mass.
At the very least, our girls might learn to be quiet as church mice.

The pictures below capture the beauty of DH's hometown, Blessington, in Co. Wicklow.

The Blessington Lakes in the background are the largest manmade lakes in Europe. The waters were created when they flooded the original Blessington for a reservoir system around the 1940s. If one were to scuba dive, town remanents such as chimney steeples can be seen underwater.

Cool, uh?

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Simonetta said...

This is a very important and beautiful day for your child! Compliments for your quilts, they is really nice!Ciao ciao from Italy :)))