Thursday, 24 April 2008

Is It Bedtime Yet?

You know it's bad when you want to turn ahead all the clocks in the house so everyone is tricked into thinking it is bedtime already. Oye! Is my bed calling me!

Last night was the 62nd perforation of the eardrum to happen in five years. Poor Babydoll was in serious pain. From 11pm to 4am, not a wink of sleep. Oh, all the screaming and crying! I stopped at 8am when I realized I had to go to work.

Like I told my boss, I was delighted to get out of the house. For there was nothing that could be done. DH, who is also suffering a throat virus, promptly took Babydoll to the doctor's and returned the sick to the makeshift bed on the couch to let the healing begin.

So I've returned home to my sickbugs. And you know what, I'm sick too. Oye!

But before I throw myself in my bed and play dead, I have to show off my latest quilting.

There once was a friend, a much older quilter, who would scold me for not taking my time in my projects. Well, the other night I did: the whole time quilting, undoing, re-quilting this baby quilt. And then! Just when you think you're too tired to take on one more thing, I really gave myself a lesson of patience: I buried all my quilting threads. Yes! I did. And I did it happily ever after.

Here is a peek (before the burying of threads). I'm meandering from my usual meandering quilting and I'm pleased with the results.


Anna K. said...

Oh! I hope you and yours get to feelin' better! We just got over a stomach virus here....

Your quilt looks so snuggly that I just wanna crawl in the picture!

i'm kelly said...

oh i hope everyone is feeling better... i just got over a popped ear drum and it was terrible! and your quilt os beautiful. but being the self-taught novice sewer that i am, what does it mean to "bury" your quilting threads?