Tuesday, 29 April 2008

When Sticking to the Plan is not a Reality

Generally the better weather for Ireland occurs in Spring and Summer. And when we say ‘better’ we hope dry. Dry, as in no rain, or at the very least, very little rain.

So when the masses pack up and head out for a sun drenched spring/summer vacation elsewhere, us VerrySherrys sit tight and wish with all our might that sun shines at home too.
Traditionally, we opt for an early or late vacation, when flights are substantially less for us to flee the wet Irish winter for our American homeland.

A killer plan, right? It was until you realize 5 y.o.s swap more than just frubes and cheesesticks on the playground. They swap plans. Oh yes, they talk up who’s going where and when. And once the seed is planted, it has no where to sprout but up Mom and Dad's face: Oh, please, Mom, can we go? A holiday? On a plane? And, ooh, in a hotel? Oh, please, with a pool!!

So while the pennies are banked for a U.S. winter wonderland, we bravely consider a mini-break to tide us over and keep Babydoll’s peer pressure at bay. A quick thinking Mary Poppins alerts me to the Disney on Ice performing in Cork. Hmmm? Far away enough to constitute a holiday to 5 yos but close enough and minimal enough so as not to break the bank.

At the same time, at the opposite end of the age spectrum, DH was getting his own peer pressure from his brothers for a boys’ holiday to Prague for the very same weekend.

Looking back I must have been struck by the magnitude of his gorgeous looks, restrained by my matrimonial tie, and committed (certifiably) by maternal devotion because somewhere, in some parallel universe I spoke the words: “Go ahead, honey. You go to Prague for the weekend with your friends. And I’ll take our daughters on a weekend holiday in the country to see Disney on Ice.”

And I didn’t even have to draw the shorter straw.

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