Sunday, 6 April 2008

Living in a Glass House

It was a quiet moment and I flipped the channel to Big Brother. America's Big Brother reality show. Thinking, in my recent blog reading I had not noticed any buzz on this season's Big Brother, I quickly realized why. Unlike the other reality shows, American Idol, Inventor, You Think You Can Dance, this assembly of yanks had no talent. Oh. Other than to keep the American stereotype alive. Ignorant. Loud. Brash.

Makes me chuckle when remembering this scene from In Bruge:

Liam Gleeson to the American: Are you American?

American: Yes. Are you going to hold it against me?

Gleeson: No. ..just try not to be loud and crass.

Stereotypes are just that. And lately a little birdie--alright, a big birdie--whose flightpath includes me as an American in America and an American in Ireland, reminded me stereotypes are best left to their respective owners. First I was, like, he does read my blog! DH reads my blog! Then I was like, uh?

Glass houses. He said. And something about vegetables. And something about wine. Vegetables might be harvested in glass houses and wine poured into glasses, but this was far from his point. You're playing with stereotypes fire. I'm just saying, he said.

Pained, but remorseful, I wanted to defend myself. But my posts poke so much fun at myself, I whined. He replied, better to let your readers see themselves in you than for you to put an image onto your readers. Whoa. Sometimes I forget why I married him!

Lesson learned: leave the stereotypes to the movie producers.

Or to the loud-mouthed Americans baring all in reality TV.
I bet they wouldn't recognize an eggplant.


Anna K. said...

Stereotypes....the worst thing ever created. It's so sad that they're so often proved to be true!

The man does have a point....and sounds remarkably like my hubby. He often warns me that what may be funny/witty to me may be something that hurts or offends another.(*sigh* I hate it when he's right!)

How long have you lived in Ireland...if you don't mind me asking?

Cleverclogs said...

LOL! Yes- those Big Brother housemates are shrewd! I do have to say, however, they are much easier for me to stomach than the UK housemates.