Wednesday, 19 March 2008

When It All Sounds the Same

One Sunday we took a lovely family drive through Glendalough on our way to dinner in the scenic Glenmalure. DH and I were discussing an upcoming golf round at Glen of the Downs, not to be confused with Glenealy's golf course, where we'd be joined by our friend from Glencree village.

Clearly overwhelmed by the similarity of it all, Cutipie called out from the backseat:

"Are we nearly at, em, em...Glenda who's?"


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Sounds like Atlanta, where everything is Peachtree this or Peachtree that. Cute picture! :)

Anne Marie said...

Now that you have opened up the can of worms, maybe we should discuss Ballythis and Ballythat!!! Good thing you, cleverclogs and I are not at happy hour right now, it could get messy - funny yes- messy without a doubt!!!!!

Anna K. said...

Ha! Around here, the word "Pine" is in the name of half the housing complexes. Obviously, someone either ran out of imagination or got really lazy!
The picture is precious. Such a sweet smile!