Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Making New Friends

Did I ever tell you that my job at WTD is a gazillion miles, or 46 miles in bad traffic, away from my hood?

But lucky for me, the office is adjacent to the Northside Shopping Mall, the largest shopping mall in Ireland. If, it was 1988. It has more than 70 shops to serve me. Excuse me, I mean, more than 70 shops for me to shop. Cause we all know 'service' or any form thereof, does not exist in Ireland.

Anyway, it has the essentials: post office, bank, grocery store, hardware shop. (Funny, they’re not the usual places when thinking of an American shopping mall?)
And there is the best big pound (dollar) shop in Ireland.

You know those household gadgets that never get updated until literally disintegrated into thin air? Everything for a quid, people! Like that grungy ill-fitted shower mat? Gone! Now we have pretty colored flowers for non-slippage. A buck!

And my aging laundry basket? Otherwise know as the oversized plate with handles, whose plastic netting sides long gone missing. Now replaced by two newer prettier baskets.

The best two bucks spent since happy hour taco tuesdays at SF Golden Gate Bar and Grill.

Despite its void of customer help and lackluster shine, this mall is my lunchtime pal. Even if it is caught in a time warp waiting for Tiffany's return.


Anonymous said...

I always tell my husband that there must have been some kind of shopping center building boom in the '70's here because all their shopping centers are UGLY! Really drap and brown and so very uninviting. However, if it's a shop, I will still go, regardless.

Anna K. said...

You get no service at the stores over there and I get snobbery from the little cashiers who think they are doing me a great favor by deigning to wait on me, state-side. What's up with that?
We have a mall right around the corner from my house. The only complaint I have is the crazy way people drive in the parking lots!

Anne Marie said...

Have you ever been to the one in Stillorgan??? I feel like I've entered a rerun of the Brady Bunch!!!! And what the h*ll, why did they design that place with outdoor walkways when it rains 95% of the year!!!! California maybe but not Ireland... Don't get me started ROFLOL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes, we go to the Stillorgan one every now and then. The first time I was there, I felt like I was in a time capsule! My husband told me how exciting it was when he was a kid and the family used to go there before Christmas to get presents!!!funny enough- i could inagine it because nothing has changed there in 30 years. Scary!