Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Loose Ends

Planning for something big can put my mind in a thousand places. You know? And once that enormity has come and gone, it's then necessary to seek out all my scattered thoughts cause, let me tell you, my mind is like a sieve.

Yep, that's me, basket in hand, handpicking my sanity, one by one, until all is back in place.

Is it ever?

First thing first. The BirthdayslashEggHunt Party was a success. Mind you it will take me a day or two to organize the memories and decide which to report on first: the fun, the food, the friends, and the fumbles not to be relived...

Um, like blowing up the coffee maker. The clean up was nearly as fun as being stampeded upon by 29 youngsters high on chocolate hell bent on finding the first egg. It's a close second.

On Easter I decided to unwind with a little piecing for a commissioned order placed for one 'Baby Daisy'. Though the fabric is in her namesake, the additon of the lambs were fitting for the occasion.

This design was spotted of late on my favorite Pink Chalk Studio. Kathy over there gives credit to the original Bento Box creator Tracey Brookshier and so please consider same here. This is just the filmsy; more daisy applique and quilting to come.

It was really easy, I'm all about stripping. At present I'm preparing a boy's quilt with the same, but I'm taking the dimension down half an inch on all strips...I often think smaller pieces make the design even more delicate. And it's a cowboy motiff. Yeehaw, one of my favorites.

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