Tuesday, 4 March 2008

In Memory

My Sad Eyes

My sad eyes
blurred by tears
heart broken
by the world they now see

My sad eyes
now look down
afraid to look upon
all thats black

My sad eyes
full of aqua blue
the whitest of white
so wonderess
yet so pained

My sad eyes
the all seeing
the all feeling
the all knowing

My sad eyes
one tear holds
a hundred different reasons for their saddness

My sad eyes
please someone wipe away the hurt

Vincent Armone

I'd like to dedicate this post to a co-worker and his family, who suffered great tradegy on Friday. There was a car accident and he lost the lives of his two children, ages 7 and 8.
His wife and an 8 year old twin survived.
It is unimaginable the horrendous heartache put upon that family.

Please remember him and his family in your prayers.

Thank you.


Caryn said...

Too tragic for words. My thoughts and prayers are with your coworker.

Anne Marie said...

It has been a sad weekend here in Ireland, a young mother here in Wexford died on Friday in a car accident. She left behind two small children and a heartbroken husband. Beautiful tribute Sherry.