Wednesday, 26 March 2008

In Case You're Wondering

The Makeover was revealed in time for Saturday's big shindig.

I managed. There are still a few items to put in place (a new TV, radiator cover...). But overall we are really pleased with the results.

Even DH endured and hung my shelves at the 11th hour. Those shelves are my babies on which I like to place precious things out of reach of children, display my cherished goodies--they haven't embraced a wall since San Francisco, so it's been happy days around here.

Check out the Before

And After...

Below my baby shelves are Babydoll, Cutiepie and Mary Poppins. Note Cutiepie's Michael Jackson glove--it's protecting the lone last Dora band-aid which in turn is protecting some scrubbed skin. God forbid Dora become unattached in a time of need for this little Ariel.

Anyway back to me.

Thirteen coats of primer paint and five coats of green and oatmeal-colored tone on the walls and chimney breast and we boast a new cozy sitting room.

Oh, we're not counting the two coats of green that had to be redone because I didn't clean the oatmeal (color, internets, not oats!) out of the rollers before rolling on the green.

At least, that was DH's theory. I'm ok with that accusation.

But only after my accusation that he used the wrong roller failed to win.

And since he did a bit of painting for me, I'm gonna allow his theory.

And so the unveiling at the Saturday party.

Too bad the Easter Bunny upstaged me with a gazillion (127, but who's counting?) hidden eggs.

I'm ok with that too.


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

I love that shade of green! It's very IN right now, too. Nice job! :)

Anna K. said...

Oh, WOW! Verry nice. It looks warm, cozy and inviting, Shug. You go, girl...and DH!