Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Makeover Time

Well, if you're wondering what we're up to at the casa la VerrySherry, wonder no more.

We're doing a makeover...It's about time we turn this house into a home!

One room at a time.

You know, I was off work for one month and the Oprah show does have its influences.
Somehow, it was Knock Knock Nate and not Dr. Oz or Suze Orman who grabbed my attention. Though power chick Suze can really rock your pocketbook in a good way!

So work begins in the living room, or sitting room depending on if you're talking to the yank or the paddy in the house. This name of the room causes a stir among some. One opinionated play friend was quite affected to learn we have a "living" room whereas they have a "sitting room". Oh, discovering the differences early in life...um, even when there is no difference between a living room, sitting room, or even front room.

Be you live or sit in my front room, I'm determined to make it a sanctuary. The home is a breathing extension of you! Make it what you will.

Babydoll and Cutiepie are loving the work. When we first discussed the comestic work to come, Cutiepie wanted in on the action.

"Who's going to paint the room?"

"Well, Cutiepie, it's going to be a big effort and we are all going to work together."

She promptly went to DH in the sitting room, who coincidently best describes the room. He sits.

She said, "Daddy, this is an effort and you have to help, cause we are going to work together."
hmf ! You tell him! And help he has.

You can watch the transformation as it happens. Oh joy, I know. I figure this transparency on the blog will motivate me and drive the diligence to make it the best we can. This is what we have planned:

Walls--the biggest change. Out with the peeling dirty white wallpaper. Underneath lies cobalt blue with dark lemon yellow trim. We plan to strip, clean, primer and paint. The room's largest feature is a rock fireplace so we will be using the chimney wall for accent color. After much consideration, I'm going with my gut and using my favorite color. DH is wonderful! Though it would not be his first, second, or ever choice, he is supporting my color picks. The room is small, and colors hinder the illusion of a larger room. But I'm thinking warm cozy living room, and going with my gut. The walls are now primed and the money spent thus far: 51 Euros

Decor--Wall treatment includes artwork and framed photography, new and old to be incorporated. Challenge area: a thru-way window into the adjacent dining room. This is long been painted over, but remains an eyesore. Maybe a wall hanging--anyone have a good design/pattern? Maybe a mirror? Problem is, it sits low over a shelf/counter so the area should be multipurpose, thus discouraging artwork.
At present, our family monster, the TV sits in front of the eyesore. Two strikes.

Entertainment--This TV is dying. Thank goodness. We are shopping and have our sights set on a flat panel and hanging it on the wall. (little concerned for wires, in recent I gave up, but I'm going go back to hiding those ugly wires!) Also we have a lovely armoire that is not being used correctly, I hope to move it into the room's corner for housing the playthings and games. Leaving the shelves for better eye candy.

Radiator is an eyesore and rarely used as the fireplace is in regular use. I plan on getting a classical radiator cover giving us more shelf room.

Lighting--At present two sources: the florescent tube at the ceiling, Just sets your mojo in motion, eh? Additional light from wall fixures on chimney wall, but in a pastlife's decor. We plan to replace wall attachments with modern fixtures and add some lovely lamps to the room. Banish that florescent tube!

Floors--DH believe or not is ahead of this game. Last August he laid beautiful dark wood floor. This weekend, I scrubbed clean my large floor rug. (Cream colored, not very practical but it's my favorite). And here is your makeover tip: I scoured the rug with ordinary strawberry shampoo--gives good clean with great smelling looks!

Warm & fuzzy--After contemplating colors back and forth, it turns out I made the right choice. Paint purchased and all, in afterthought I scrounged into my fabric stash--the nonquilting stash filled with silky, fuzzy, variety of textures and find exact matching colors for redoing my throw pillows. This tickled me pink green, my color of choice.
Stay tuned for some interesting window treatment!


Caryn said...

Wow, I'm envious! My house needs a makeover too! Looks like you have a lot of great plans - good luck and have fun with it!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I wait with baited breath to see what you do next. These UK living rooms/sitting rooms can be such a challenge.
Have fun!!

Anne Marie said...

Can't wait to see, hurry up and finish.....