Friday, 21 March 2008

It's All In The Bag!

What to do.

You have 42 children arriving in 24 hours to squeal and lunge for Pinata treats and hunt and collect Easter Eggs.

You live in Ireland where tradition is square Easter egg boxes in place of bouyant Easter baskets. Oh, how I miss me a lovely goodie-filled spring basket.

You live in an economy where there is no obvious retailer for bulk packaging, baskets, bags.

What to do?

You make do.

I mean, you make.

And I did.

I made our own white Easter bags. My bulk roll of quilt batting comes wrapped in a long roll of white paper...and !viola!...armfuls of little Easter bags now await...the little rascals to come to color, and fill with eggs and candy.

As it is Spring Break and our very own Mary Poppins (aka au pair) is doing her best to keep the munchkins busy, we decided to use a focus group to sample the first batch of bags.

The bag below capturing Easter so perfect is made by " AA ", the 7yo son of a close friend, I affectionately refer to him as the Academic Artist of the gang. He is brillant.

Course, Cutiepie, well, she knows a fashionable new trend when she sees one. This new purse with pink handles should match her Easter dress perfectly.


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Such a cute idea. I hope your Easter is wonderful, boxes, bags, baskets, or what-have-you!

Anna K. said...

Great idea! It looks like everyone had fun and made special memories to go with those cute bags.

Happy Easter, Shug!