Saturday, 29 March 2008

For Friends' Sake


I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.

I solemnly apologize for my last post poking fun at the inhabitants of the great loving green island of Ireland.

You see, this post was in honor of a few special friends. We're all ex-pats and we're meeting up over at AnneMarie's place to do a sew-in. Kim and gang and I are heading down this morning.
I'm so excited! Cue the Pointer Sisters.

And you see, I was so giddy with excitement that I forgot my manners. We like to laugh too, you know? Sorry paddies.

Though there is one Paddy who should be very sorry. And that is DH.

'Cause if I set out one more special bread to make special yummy on Friday night for Saturday's serving and IF I find someone's gotten the munchies after his Friday night pint again, I'm gonna clock you buddy!!!

Oh, and we all know that pint cost way more than 2.39!

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Anne Marie said...

Way too funny!!! By the way, I have to get the recipe for the bread. My children and hubbly were licking the tin foil and begging me to make some. Please post the recipe on you blog.... pretty please....

All I can say is about yesterday's sew in is that I feel like I did 400 ab crunches, my side hurts from so much laughing. Thank God we're not neighbors.