Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Now, THAT's Something Worth Hopping Over

Anyone who's been to a Verry Sherry party, knows we like to put on a do. This year we host our 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt. If ya are all in the vicinity, grab a basket and hop over.

AS IF, we don't have enough to celebrate, Babydoll's birthday falls the day before Easter. So with minimal thought--obviously-- we approached her with the idea of the Egg Hunt as the grand finale to her birthday party.

Well you'd think Elvis appeared in her dreams and annointed her Queen of Graceland. The girl can dance. Just check out her in this invite (big shout out to Twirly, we love you and your Mac talents) -- This poser is hopping silly over the moon about the coming festivities.

That, or she's got a puddle of syrup on her pancakes in the likeness of Virgin Mary. For there's 3,209 Irish and more making the pilgrimage to Casa la Verry Sherry in just 10 days.

Internets, this child is so much the mold of her mother, I should've named her. not this blog, VerrySherry. Can you believe? I am under marching orders from the little hostess "to finish doing that stuff in the living room before my party. I want it to look so cool."

Excuse me? Like, totally, da.

So 'scuse me if I'm busier than a bush on fire, I've a million and one things to get ready--just too busy to be worrying myself and you.

That's cool.

We've got candy eggs.

We've got boiled eggs.

We've got plastic party eggs all the way from almighty Commercial America. (Again, thanks Twirly!)

We've got hunting grounds.

We've got food and drink. And let's not forget the festive runner.

We've got balloons and a pinata.

We've got sun. Please? Maybe? Ok, how about, just NO rain?
Any chance our sticky Virgin Mary's got our back?


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it!

Anne Marie said...

Be there or be square!!! Now that little saying really shows my age. The little rascals are awfully excited about the egg hunt!!!