Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Update My Basket

Just in case any of you are quilters and you're following my numbers:
There's been an update on the purchase of cotton batting.

The shipping charge is not the standard $50, but $200.

However, I've converted all to Euros for comparison and since that is the denomination we work and live by over here. ;) I also broke it down to actual inches, the lowest common denominator.

100% Cotton batting *UPDATED* 45inch width
This is the purchase.
1440 inches = 40 yards = 36.5 meters

(IE costs € .23/inch; UK costs € .17/inch; US costs € .07/inch)

So once again, let's review:

From the US €233(product & shipping) ($342)
From the UK €378 (product & shipping) ($554)
In Ireland €392 (product only) ($574)

Folks, the numbers do not lie!!!

Consider this: tax in UK is 13.5% of sale; Ireland is a whopping 21% of sale; and also, the Euro is much stronger than the Dollar.

Once this order proves true, the better sale yet, would be to order the 90inch width...my next move!

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