Thursday, 1 November 2007

Trick, Treat, Stop, Drop and Roll!

Babydoll and Cutiepie, aka Snow White and Ariel the Mermaid, were in full bloom trick and treating.

In this picture, no, they are not in Southern California, yet they are in Ireland in their cousin’s neighborhood.

Perhaps DH can give the full tale behind this tradition, but, frankly, I’m not a fan so I won’t be painting a rosey picture. This particular neighbourhood burning was set alight by three, allegedly drunk—or perhaps just incredibly stupid—male adults, haphazardly dousing a pile of trash with gasoline. I was bothered by the situation, but as so many onlookers included mothers and children of the neighbourhood with backgrounds fully entranced in this culture, I took it all in silently and am only now dispelling my criticism upon you all. Forgive me!

I will go no farther except to say, thankfully I've heard no subsequent reporting of injury or worse outcome beyond what toxins we might have breathed in or the dangerous manoeuvres shown by the festive revellers. Bonfires and fireworks are set alight throughout the various neighborhoods in tradition for Halloween night.

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sMC said...

beautiful trick or treaters. When I was young (in England) we had bonfires and fireworks on Nov 5 to mark Guy Fawkes day. I don't think it ever burnt the town down.But bonfires and fireworks are banned in Aus. now.