Thursday, 15 November 2007

Christmas is Calling

Earlier this week, Cathi was so kind to help me locate this toy—so we could correctly identify it for Santa, ya know? Afterward, I rattled around to see if Babydoll really truly did want this particular item.

We were driving with the usual girl chatter spilling from the backseats.


“Yeah, Mommy” they replied in unison.

“Um, today I got a call at work. Santa was calling me at work.”

Audible gasps could be heard and I pictured their eyes as large as half dollars.

Cutiepie was the first to cut in.

“Mom? Did he say…” taking a big breath, she beefs up her voice, “Ho Ho Ho?”

“Well, yes. Yes, he did say ho, ho, ho.”

Giggles burst from both girls. I peek in the rearview mirror just in time to see them giving each other reassuring glances.

“Babydoll, Santa said he saw you writing—“

“Oh, that’s right! He watches us. Is he looking at us right now?”

“Well. Yes, he probably is.”

Another rupture of giggles is heard.

“Anyway, Santa said he saw you writing a letter, but it hasn’t arrived in the North Pole mail yet. Is there a chance you lost the letter?”

“ No momma, it’s in your bedroom waiting to be mailed.”


“But that’s ok, mommy. ‘Cause I have to write all new one. I have to ask for my scooter with the place for my lipslick.”

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