Monday, 12 November 2007

My Table Runneth Over

So what do you think?

Three hours this weekend and viola! Count 'em! 1-2-3 hours. Love a project like this. This table runner is Anna Banana from the wonderful Pink Chalk Studio. I ordered the pattern and it arrived on Wednesday.

The best part was the quilting guideline. You know when you're driving, and you're unsure of your whereabouts, unsure of the direction needed? You can lose time and patience. Well, this is what is was NOT like. It was great: directions and guidelines made it an enjoyable and quick process.

And might I say, lovely?

This runner was done in colors to suit my dining room, but I intend to do several Christmas motiffs. The size here is 17x53. There is also a smaller size, I know cause several times I goofed. I would look at one set of ingredients, cut to that, only to realize I skipped over to the list of small size, when I was doing the larger size! This of course was all down to user malfunction!

Does anyone notice the patriotic coloring scheme? Not planned. Though afterward I immediately noticed the blue corners and red strips made me think of good ol' USA. Very appropriate in my Irish dining room.


Kathy - Pink Chalk Studio said...

Absolutely fabulous Sherry, I get a thrill seeing these and yours is just beautiful. Can I use one of your pictures to post on my blog? I want to feature a scarf, a note taker, a table runner and a pencil roll. Thank you, xo, kathy

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! Love the colors!