Monday, 5 November 2007

A Family Affair

This weekend we had a surprise visit from Girle, my stepdaughter. Babydoll and Cutiepie absolutely love seeing their older sister and we always welcome her.

Many of you in real life know that nearly two years ago my family was involved in a very serious car accident. Happy to report, most all wounds are healed. Girle was impacted the most as her injury was spine related. She suffered temporary paralysis for nearly 9 months and has spent the last 12 months learning to re-walk and support herself. Unfortunately as anyone who has been injured knows, the time spent off your feet, creates extra weight. These challenges are ever present in her daily road to recovery, but do you think that gets her down? No siree. Girle has more wit and charm than most people I know. (Starting to see why I married her father?)

Anyway, we try to spend most of our time on activities where the focus is on motor skills. It helps that she is a great artist and she loved her present I made for her hobby. This weekend we might have fell upon a new hobby for the young ones. Accidently. I swear! It was by accident.

Does the picture give it away? Quilting and sewing!! Girle had such a ball; she actually said “Why didn’t we start this on Saturday, then we’d have two days to sew this quilt!”

Both Babydoll and Girle had been asking about their respective quilts; Babydoll’s is not quite finished and Girle’s had no definitive color or design though it was on my ToDo list. My day had now become un-planned; the market and other obligations cancelled so we could spend the day with Girle. So I thought, hey, why not?

With both older girls tripping at my heels, we schlepped out three different boxes of fabrics into the dining room. In a completely unmotivated decision, I let the girls pick fabric from just three boxes—red, pink, and blue. In the end, a few add’l colored fabrics slipped in here and there, but overall, I remember thinking how smart it was to keep it simple. Soon enough we were onto pressing the fabric and cutting it.

I was the cutter, Girle was the presser and Babydoll was the placer/mover.
Note, at this point in the morning, the girls are still bed headed and in pyjamas—I’m a kinda cool mother like that. You should have seen the state of me! If you look closely you can see chocolate dribble on Girle’s shirt. We devoured a stack of homemade pancakes doused in maple and chocolate syrup for breakfast. Hmmmm! Yummy. Course none of this explains why Babydoll is picking her nose...

The girls worked together to layout the design. Again, we kept it simple. A 10x8 top of 5.5” squares. At this point you can see we moved on to our day clothes, although Babydoll insists Snow White learn to sew too. Again, I’m a kinda cool mother like that.

We made very good progress. Girle’s quilt top is nearly finished.
When the actual piecing took place, I quickly got Girle ready to take the driver’s seat at the sewing machine.

I said, “would you like to sew it yourself?”
In true Girle fashion, she responds, “ Aw, sure. How often do you get a go at a sewing machine?”


sMC said...

a real cool mom.... I like that. Lucky girlies.

Ms. Jan said...

Always nice to have a sew day in jammies, and nice to get the next generation hooked on quilting.