Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Coming Up for Air

Where does the time go?

I'll tell ya.

I have officially been un-contracted, or unemployed, for three days now! Technically, it is five days, but I'm not counting Thursday or Friday. Those were turkey days. Each daughter invited a friend over and it was a great Thanksgiving!

Hmm, next year, we might stretch a little and invite adults! I'm all for new traditions!

So my three days of bliss...really I do feel pampered and luxurous, even though I've not wasted a minute of my time. No boob tube nor naps, yet. The fact that all my attention is devoted to this household and my family is a wonderful feeling. (I know, I know, it WILL get old!)

The other incident that has led to me feeling so completely at home is the fact that my car broke down on Friday morning. So, literally, I have been so completely at home, with no means of escape! And you know, it's not entirely a bad thing.

I'm proud to say my last three days have been structured and very productive. Keeping my morning routine from my working days, I still prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinner in one go. Everything, that can be, is done in advance. I even went walking at dark o'clock on two of the days.

Since my car was out of commission, Babydoll thumbed a ride to school with Neighborboy. Brillant. Even more morning time. Mornings I do half deep cleaning and half paperwork and computer maintanience. Yesterday Cutiepie and I browsed all our photos, deleting thumbs and blurs, and burning back up CDs. Yep, thank you Megan for your great reminder--back up you internets! This sort of paper/computer work should ease up as I'm catching up on all 2007 details and will become mere weekly maintanience. Ditto for the deep cleaning.

Boy, do I love a clean house. Now I can go pee without closing my eyes...cause, you know, if you don't see the mess and grime, it aint there!

The latter half of my day is spent sewing and with a sprinkling of mommy/daughter(s) time. I have enough quilt orders to last til 2008, averaging one a week.
Below Babydoll helps decide where the blocks lay best.
Tommorrow, I package up this week's completed one. The girls help me, but we still take time for some painting, baking and nature walks.
Cutiepie, below, has an addiction to painting once a day, at least.

Can I tell you, I love my life?

There is a very calm and happy vibe in the house. Which is interesting, since it sorta points to me as the tide that turns. Without verbalizing it, DH appears happier now that I'm happier. We will have to wait out the first month's effects and see what the numbers say. Half the income could be something with which to reckon.

I'll leave you with that quandry and hope for the best.


Angie said...


I am indeed very proud of you! Bravo for braving the lack of income in exchange for the increase in home happiness and joy.

Treasure each and every minute. Not to sound like a greeting card but really the time goes so cutipie and babydoll are soon to be 16 and 18. OH how I miss the sweet little smiles, giggles, snuggles, drawings, little messes, etc. Yes, little messes (and some not so little)...clothes everywhere but the dressor, jars of condiments stacked as high as a wee toddler can reach and cake mix smeared from ear to ear...yes I miss even the messes.

Erinness said...

Congratulations Sherry! You sound utterly at peace. Not an easy accomplishment. I hope the new at home gig lasts as long as you wish it to. I know it was a hard transition for me, but now that I've settled in and accepted my new role (ahem, 2.5 years later) I wouldn't change a thing. Even when N spills orange juice all over our new couch. Twice.

katelnorth said...

Welcome to the SAHM life, Sherry. Soon you'll wonder how you ever found time to go out to work :)

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

It's your SAHMommymoon! Enjoy every minute of it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody
I am very happy for you Sherry.
I miss you !
Give me some news
see you soon