Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Can You Name That Toy?

Dear Santa,

Hope you're jolly and prepared for the coming season.

I am writing about Babydoll. You remember her? She left the half-eaten iced blue cookie for you last Christmas Eve. I'll do my best to keep her from your goodies plate this year!

Well, Babydoll, she's been nice and just the tiny weeny bit naughty this year. Her big item that she wants this year is a scooter that has a place to keep her make-up, so then she could stop and put on her 'lipslick'. Next time your flying over Ireland, peek in and you'll like see her describe in true-commercial fashion, this scooter and all the marvelous merits it brings.

Commercialism has caught her too: she bought the kiddie-advertisment concept hook, line, and sinker.

Just call her a focus group, all to her own.

However, her actual consumerism needs work, or maybe she is counting on you? She is unaware of the details of where and who supplies this fashion forward vehicle. Can you tell me if this scooter is in your workshop, or where I might find it?

Sign Me,

Your Puzzled Helper


Cathi said...

Sherry! Seriously, Aine wants this same scooter with makeup...I am hoping it is at Argos!! If you know where to find it...her birthday is next week!! Help! :)

sMC said...

I'll be sure to give your message to Santa. But how about Cutipie and Girile what do they want. Oh and also the grown ups mustn't be forgotten. :))