Friday, 16 November 2007

Made to Order

On Wednesday a lady from our village asked me if I had a baby boy quilt completed and available for sale? And could it be personalized with the baby’s name? After more chatting, I arranged to have one done by the weekend. Today I finish it!

The theme/colors are soft creme, brown, blue, red, crème, green in a cowboy motiff. I call it my Pioneer Boy in likeness of a fav'd blog. Love the six four-pointed friendship blocks. They make me think of the sheriff’s badge in this genre. Not really sure of the Irish impression of cowboys, but since seeing this motif in the trendy boutiques in town, I think it will be ok. These pictures are before binding. Note the cute clips—they are wonderful, in lieu of pins that stab!!

Miraculously, with my quilting Wednesday group time and a surprisingly uneventful last night, my work on this quilt is nearly finished. I am so pleased to think I met this tight deadline with room to spare. When I called my friend to ask the name with which to stitch, she informed me they haven’t even named the baby yet!!

Most my baby quilts include a pocket and pocket friend, like the bunny in the upper right block above. This allows me to go back afterward and stitch a personal touch, like the baby’s name, on the pocket even after the quilt is entirely finished.

Hey! Those who know me and my quilting, did you notice I did an overall simple grid stitch in the ditch? My usual choice of quilting is meandering, but I wanted a real soft and simple look to this particular one. I’m quite pleased. Meandering quilting can be forgiving and easy to hide flaws, whereas simple stitch can be all revealing. Oh! I’m so daring!!


Bonnie said...

Sherry, I tried to email you but it bounced back to me as undeliverable! Can you email me at


KCQuilter said...

I just discovered your blog and LOVE it!! Will visit often. Your TP story was a scream!!!