Friday, 19 October 2007

Wine, Wine and More Whine!

When we lived in Wexford at the southeast end of Ireland, Cutiepie was born in 2004 and, for a year and a half, we a joined mother/toddler group. I became close with several good gals and we still stay in touch.

Earlier this month Lola called and asked me to come to their monthly dinner. A night where each gal brings one dish and two or three, or five or six, bottles of wine. We then proceed to laugh and storytell all the great and not-so-great moments of woman-, mother- and wife- hood in rural Ireland. Wine, wine and more whine. All day I am looking forward to it and am so touched that they remembered me!

Travel, accommodations and childcare (in Wexford) sorted. After work I'm off to collect the girls and throw together my appointed appetizer. The legendary romance writer Ree is going to help that area with this yummy loaf.

Let's hope I arrive early enough as I have the appetizer!

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