Monday, 15 October 2007

Verry Me!

Ok, so I got my look! Do you like it?

Big thanks to Jules over at Everyday Design for the lovely design!!

Isn't that too funny that my post below sums up my relationship with Jules. Let me tell you, she listens--she styled me gorgeous!!

Looking to do a launch party, anyone ever held one of those on your blog?

Don't know if it exists, but as my family and friends will attest to, I'm not one to miss an opportunity to celebrate. Ordinarily, I'd make some scrumptious appetizers and adult libations with some groovy tunes. Seeing how this is online, we'll have to settle for a giveaway, entertaining reading, and stimulating visuals--and hey, I already have my outfit, thanks to Jules!

Seriously, ping me your ideas and we'll have a grand time.

Oh! the date? Friday 19th
Be there or be square!


Ms. Jan said...

Love your new header! Thanks for sharing your design site.

Cathi said...

Umm...Sherry the new look is GORGEOUS!!! You name the day for your launch, I'll bring some cyber champagne!

Erinness said...

Hmm... I love the launch party idea! I've never "been" to one, so not sure how they work, but I think you should giveaway a seasonal Verry Sherry item, or a beginners book on how to quilt?

Maybe take some pix of your own seasonal items (whether or not you made them) for inspiration. I know having my first home, I'm lovin' all the decorating!