Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Who’s Afraid of UFOs?

Not Babydoll, apparently. Here she is, fast asleep under UFO* Babydoll’s Quilt; I began this two years ago, in my first quilting group. It is an unfinished sample quilt (sample quilts are quilts with a variety of block patterns; a great way for newbies to learn the different designs, *also UFO means UnFinished Object.). Look closely, Babydoll didn’t even mind a few pins here and there.

This quilt was pieced using all of Babydoll’s infant cotton dresses, many of which were sundresses, ‘cause she was a San Francisco babe born in March thus giving her the summer and Indian summer-fall to parade her girly outfits. Babydoll would wear whatever was put on her. She still will.

Cutiepie, on the other hanger, is a stylist all her own. Though I held back when she was smaller, she insists on wearing spaghetti-strap dresses in the dead cold of an Irish winter. She definitely dresses for success of the pink twinkly kind even in our wet cold climate. I look forward to making her quilt that she, too, is already inquiring about. Hmm, that might take me into 2011?

Anyway, when I went to do my nightly check I found Babydoll fast asleep under her unfinished blanket. She must have pilfered it from beneath my growing mound of sewing projects. My heart slowed in beat. Earlier we had had the usual conversation that ensues when I’m steadfast on finishing a quilt, this time the baby blue cars quilt.

“Mommy, when will my quilt be finished?”

“Soon, Babydoll, soon. I’ll try to finish it next.”

Can you guess what I’m going to do this weekend?


sMC said...

well I am glad she shamed you into fiishing it. Looks very nice and cosy.

sMC said...

that should have been finishing. Sticky fingers sorry.