Wednesday, 31 October 2007

And the Winner is…

First I’d like to thank everyone who attended the Verry Sherry launch party. In fact, some of you didn’t even know you were there but, you were! That rings true for the parties of yesteryear—remember when we didn’t remember? Now THAT's a party! and then there are those parties we wish we didn’t remember…

Hope you enjoyed it and you’re welcome back anytime. And bring friends, cause we all like a newbie…

Anyone still thinking slogans? Time’s up! Many thanks to all those clever thinkers who participated.

The runners up are worth honorable mention:

Sew What? from Cathi at Celtic Knots—love the double meaning. Could go far.

Solar Powered from Megan over at Fried Okra—never considered this, but you know what? It fits.

Finally, the Winner is …

Mom, Wipe My Bum!! From Bonnie at Quiltville. Bonnie, drop me an email with your mailing address and I’ll get this package right out to you! May you and your family enjoy the sweet victories of Trival Pursuit Chocolate Edition!

Not until I saw this plea resonate with so many friends with children--young and old, present and past-- did I get it. Until this point, it was just another symptom of CHAOS (helpfully identified by Bonnie as ‘Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome’) in my life. Such is a part of my life I can not escape. Cooking dinner…mom, wipe my bum!…running out to work…mom, wipe my bum!...showering….mom, wipe my bum!

It keeps us all laughing, and that, my friends, is worth printing on a t shirt. If. It wasn’t a virtual party with virtual contest, and a virtual t shirt.

So sorry, to friends who are more fortunate to not have to deal with such loose ends…aw, yuck...this winner is score one for motherhood.


sMC said...

bin there done that quite a few years ago. It would look great on your T shirt. lol.

Bonnie said...

I just now saw this post!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!

Where have I been the last 17 days!!! :cD