Monday, 15 October 2007

Busy Days

Friends, fear not, while it may look like it, I indeed have not forgotten the crafty crowd. My posts are speaking to a variety of life moments, yet my eyes are seeing nothing but patchwork and the quilts from it.

I'm busy, internets. I'm busy!

The sidebar shows my current projects, but something about the simple HTML and measly percentage amounts just don't capture the excitement had with each and every step toward completion!

My sewing machine was at the doctors for a checkup so a quiet two days there. Recently, I bought a second hand machine. I have a tradeoff planned for my SIL:I agree for her to use the 2nd sewing machine whilst she agrees to be my sewing budding. Hmm, think I got the better end...the purchase price was minor, whereas my neediness is priceless! We are starting our very own weekly sewing night this Wednesday. Lots of pictures and progress sure to come!

Halloween Goods

Halloween is fast approaching and some Irish are beginning to decorate. The trend is more evident every year. This weekend my halloween table runners were the top sellers at the market! Getting Irish to spend hard earned money on ghosts, bats and silly skeletons is a feat all in its own.

One woman eyed the large festive table runner for what seemed like ages. She was in love, but hadn't showed the know, cash!

She hemmed and hawwed, "The price is 24 Euro, can you do any better than that?"

I was like, "Yeah, sure I'll take 30 Euro for it?" chuckles all around as her husband looked on.

Now husbands listen up, if something as little as 24 buckaroos stand between happiness and wifedom, pull out the wallet!

Which is exactly what the husband did, in a manner of speaking. He urged her on and told her to buy it.

She left saying, "But it's so hard to spend money on myself!" And here I thought she haggled the price for prices' sake!

So ladies, do it today: spend a little money on yourself! You deserve it!

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sMC said...

blogger ate my last comment. So lets try again. Love your new look. I'll come to your party...will bring cyber philly cheese and ginger bits.
Can you explain more about your markets.