Monday, 22 October 2007

Welcome to the Launch Party

No, you did not miss the party. Let’s put it this way, if you, indeed, were to arrive at my house when I said the party would start, this is what you would’ve seen: Me in rollers and my bathrobe with Cutiepie whining and clutching my thigh and a shrieking, “Mom! Wipe my bum!!!” coming from Babydoll in the bathroom. Oh, and a hungry husband. Let’s just say my house was a bit haywire this weekend and the blog party, well it never launched…til now! I’m learning, internets, I’m learning.

*Cue balloons and streamers*

The Party

Welcome to VerrySherry! Marking my 50th post, let's celebrate! Graphics have been previewed, but today we formally unveil this launch party. So sit back, put your feet up and grab your drink, your mouse, whatever you fancy…just keep it clean!

Mingle Time

As with all my parties, it's necessary for the who's who of who: introductions. This party mixes still life with cyber life. Am I the only one who imagines what would happen if one friend met another, one internet met real life? Don’t some internets strike a similar familiarity to someone you know in real life?

Scroll the internet highway to VerrySherry and click at the door. Inside is, at random, 50 of my guests:

My friend from long ago Maureen would mix with BigMama cause both are girls’ mother and wholesome and heartfelt, yet funny and very silly when warranted. Cami would find herself there as she is, like BigMama, another fashion guru with the love for Seven jeans.

Deanna ‘Banana’ would undoubtly rock the house with Attack of the Redneck Mommy. Watch them dancing on the bar at the stroke-of-6-martinis-to-midnight. Miriam and Carlina would laugh and cheer them on, for sure!

It Could'a Been Worse, Antique Mommy and Rhonda are so similar in my eyes, surely they would be huddled in serial discussions and intermittant giggles on the throes of motherhood. Jenny from Chased by Children is here too—after all, I did steal her contest idea!

The ultimate cyber entertainer Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer would definitely hold center court for moms and gals ‘in the know’. I would reckon this would be the loudest laughing crowd with the fun likes of Chillihead Joan, Kim, Carrie, Nicole, Francesca and Andrea. Especially when you add the great Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.

Likely to find Colleen paired with Blogs are Stupid for namesake only. Yet, Dana would most likely be enthralled by BlogsAreStupid for her refreshing candor and straight talking.

Laura ‘Twirly Godmother’ and Sue would rally as the English ex pats. And Kate would mix as a London transplant, but she’s surely to capture their interest with her artistic and creative flair.

My sister Angela is certain to enjoy Jules and would have loved the blogging at Everyday Design, committed and solid in family and faith.

Pink Chalk Studio and Pink and Barbara—how could I not introduce the two? Barbara who likes all things pink and Kathy whose crafts redefine crafts as we know them! Soon Kate would soon ‘inch’ over to chat with Kathy.

In another corner there is Erin and Cathi. For some reason, these two just go together in my head. They’re devoted moms who are so creative and fun.

When I read the tales of hip Cheeky Lotus, I always envision my sister Karri. They are very similar and her stories of raising her five year old daughter take me back to when Karri’s daughter was five.

Hovering over the appetizers and yummy foods’ tables would be Pioneer Woman Cooks and Tanya and Eimear, gourmet gals in more ways than one! The usual suspects of hungry men would be luring nearby waiting for a mouthful include DH, Steve, Rob, Seaneen and Mattias.

Bonnie is the quilting goddess and those who quilt will follow. I would expect conversations among my new friend Rebecca, fellow Ozzies Tazzie and Aubirdwoman, and others like Alica and Wooden porch. Those newly infested with the quilting bug would be sure to be present: Pauline from Ireland and my niece Bethany.

And all the way from Sonoma would be Ms. Jan Quilts sharing the life of wine and luxury with Ginny who knows Napa Valley so well.

And finally, before catching up with old friends like Christy and AnneMarie, I might find myself mesmerized by Megan at Fried Okra…does she talk as Southern as she writes?

Now that everyone has met, here’s 50 somethings about me. (See a theme? Parties always need a theme!)

Fifty Things

1. In ten years, I will be 50 years old. Yikes!

2. Ten years ago, I returned to college full time.

3. I bartended at the Blarney Stone Pub in San Francisco, selling buckets of drink.

4. I swore I would never date an Irishman.

5. I married an Irishman. Go figure.

6. I have two daughters, born eighteen months apart in 2003 and 2004.

7. My home and family are in Ireland; my heart is in San Francisco.

8. I lived in San Francisco for 15 years.

9. I love to golf.

10. I love to quilt.

11. My greatest fear with pregnancy, beyond the usual worries, was weight gain.

12. My lightest weight was after each pregnancy.

13. I hold a bachelors’ degree in technical writing.

14. My favorite vacation was my honeymoon.

15. Walking is my exercise of choice.

16. I’m a member of the Redwood Market Home Produce Association.

17. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

18. I grew up in Eureka, California.

19. I was engaged at 21 and married at 34.

20. I should clarify: to two different men.

21. During college I held many jobs at once to make tuition.

22. I bartended and waited tables.

23. I did freelance writing.

24. I worked as a temp in offices.

25. I once bartended (clothed) in a strip club…for one day before quitting.

26. My favorite bartending job was at 365 Bimbo’s Music Hall in San Francisco.

27. I loved waiting tables. Teaches you customer service!

28. I love to cook.

29. I have two sisters and two brothers.

30. I have an 11 year old step daughter.

31. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

32. I wanted a son to see my DH’s genes reincarnated.

33. My daughter Babydoll is exactly like DH.

34. I no longer want a son.

35. My daughter Cutiepie is exactly like stepdaughter GirlE.

36. I would rather be in a cold climate than a hot climate.

37. My girlfriends are the world to me.

38. I didn’t believe in TV until along came digital cable and TIVO.

39. I love Karen Carpenter Songs. Yes. I . do.

40. I never drank tea before living in Ireland.

41. I hate giftbags; always prefer a box and pretty bow.

42. My weight is easier to manage at an older age.

43. Maybe, I’m easier to please at an older age.

44. I worry for my daughters’ happiness.

45. I hope to instil peace in them always.

46. I want my daughters to travel.

47. I will miss them painfully.

48. I’m an early riser.

49. I am an early-to-bed gal.

50. I love my sleep.

Party Game!

Finally, what’s a party, without a favour? So in light of Halloween, give me your trick and I’ll give you a treat.

Nicked from Jenny at Chased by Children, here is the contest to be entered by comment. No curse words or naughty comments or you will be disqualified; remember this is a family friendly blog.
The entries will be judged on creativity, knowledge of VerrySherry and cleverness of slogan.

To win, give us a snappy one-liner that finishes this sentence:

If VerrySherry wore a slogan t-shirt it would say...

The winner will receive family-fun entertainment: a Trival Pursuit Chocolate Edition game.

Just when you think you finished with trivia facts. Will ship globally!

The entries/comments are open for one week. Contest ends October 29th .

Goodbye, Come Again!

Thanks everyone. Glad you came to this launch party. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Hope you've met friends; when there's no one up at 2am and you need a pal, they're one click away!

*Cue Sinatra' New York, New York*


sMC said...

what a terrific post, after such a super party, lots of coffee this morning was needed as there are so many more interesting people to meet.
I couldn't resist having a play at your T shirt slogan. I called it Verry Sherry ~ say no more. I have emailed a picture of it as I don't think I can put it in my comments.
So nice to know all those interesting things about you.

Erinness said...

Nice launch Sherry! I loved reading all the connections, and peeking at a few new blogs too.

Okay, here is a stab at your slogan:

If VerrySherry wore a slogan t-shirt it would say...

- try it, you might like it!

To steal from the beastie boys:
- she’s crafty and she’s just my type!

- a dash of sass with a side of sweet

- Like a fine wine... getting better every year

Cathi said...

Your slogan tshirt would say:

Sew What!

Have you really already done 50 posts, you are prolific!!

eimear said...

Thats the best launch party Iv been to and i wont have a hangover tomorrow!! I love the site, i admire your patience. Who is holding up the quilt in the photo further down the page?? Anyhoo, well done, love your blog, am off to have a good nosey!!
EC - Gourmet Girl 2

Bonnie said...

What a riot!! I was so excited to come to the party that I showed up at 8am in my jammies before even having a shower!! *LOL*

Love the new look. I definately think that a tee shirt slogan for you would have to be the one phrase that cracked me up so earlythis morning "Mam! Wipe my bum!" I have such memories of when my boys were little and CHAOS reigned at home (Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome!)

I'll be happy to drop by again and again to see what you are up to!


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

What a clever post/party/idea! I loved it, and Jules did you proud with the new design!

And for the record, no, I really don't (speak as Southern as I write). I'm a FRAUD. But I do THINK as Southern as I write, I just translate quickly as it comes out my mouth so people don't get skeered!

Enjoyed my stay at the party!

If VerrySherry wore a slogan t-shirt, it would say, "Solar Powered" (because it sounds like you and I have similar sleeping habits and that's how I explain my own seemingly-rare-these-days early to bed, early to rise mentality.

(Hugs your neck.)

I love San Fran too. Never lived there, but would jump at the chance if I could find decent housing at a reasonable price. Which. HAHAHAHAHAHA! :)

I'll be back, Ms. VS.

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

This may be a dupe comment. I got "snuggled" at the last minute while I was commenting the first time.

Very clever post/party/launch. Jules did you proud with the new design... she's a genius, that one!

Answer: No, I don't (speak that Southern). I'm a little bit of a fraud. (But I do THINK that Southern, I just translate things before they leave my mouth so people can follow me, y'know?) (You probably have to do a bit of that too!)

I love San Fran. Never lived there, but would jump at the chance. Well, if there was reasonably priced housing involved. Which, HAHAHAHAHA!

Your T-shirt slogan, based on our similar but unsual these days sleeping habits?

"Solar Powered"

(Hugs your neck.)

Lordy, I hope I don't get snuggled again before I get this posted!

The Wooden Porch said...

Great party and congratulations!

In light of the upcoming holiday season, for your tshirt I would say...

"Verry Sherry, Verry Merry!"

Ok, that's dumb. See why I couldn't pick a name for my card business?

Redneck Mommy said...

Beautiful site! Thanks for the invite. I get all tingly to be included in such a great list of bloggers.

As for your contest, well, you effectively ruled me out when you asked us to keep it clean.

Um, that's all but impossible for this dirty girl!

I wish you continued success and joy and I'll be back!

Kathy - Pink Chalk Studio said...

Congrats on your 50, very cute idea!

Not Lucy said...

Great post! Congratulations and thanks for including me in the invites! I feel so special!
Not sure how to word the shirt slogan but something like: "I like your shirt (it would look great in a quilt)" I have that problem when I see a pair of jeans with interesting embroidery or different color or pattern. Evidently it is rude to ask people on the street if you can have their pants! Go figure!

chilihead said...

Woo hoo! I see all the cool kids are here! Of course, that lets me out, but I'll be happy to serve drinks and hold hair. Wait--will that get me booted out? Sorry.

Jules does excellent work. Your blog looks fantastic!

I'm a bit jealous that you live in Ireland with an Irish guy. Maybe in my next life since a) I'm happily married and b) he's not moving. I'll be up to visit.

Slogan? Hmmm. 'Don't you wish your girlfriend could sew like me?' or 'I heart Chilihead' because it's all about me. ;)

Thanks for the invite. Bet you're sorry now. ;)

katelnorth said...

Nice party - now fess up, where'd you hide the GOOD wine? LOL

I think your slogan might say something like "Multi-tasking t-shirt: when bored with me, I make a great duster or can be cut up for patchwork"

And I just have to add - not lucy says "it is rude to ask people on the street if you can have their pants" - well, not lucy, if you think it's rude in the US, it's even ruder here, where you wear your pants UNDER your trousers!

Tazzie said...

What a fun post! Thank you for inviting me to your gathering - I had the very best time :-) Such an honour to be among some of my fave bloggers!

Ms. Jan said...

Great party Sherry--thanks for the invite. I love your new look!!

If Verry Sherry wore a T shirt it would say:

Verry Verry Sherry


Dana Filkowski said...

Sherry --

what a great way to keep in touch. You are officially my first blog. I'm only reading it today because we've been on vacation in Hawaii (apparently near your birthplace, which I never knew was Honolulu).

For your slogan, the first thing that came to my mind was a party game at Colleen's for your wedding shower. We all had to bring you panties and give them a name. I had a yellow "thong" for you -- I think it had a butterfly on it. You were the first one to explain to me that "thongs" were more comfortable under stockings and a skirt! The name I gave it was "mellow yellow." So your t-shirt would be yellow, would say "mellow yellow" and then would have a picture of a butterfly.

I give you that as your slogan because it just brought back great memories for me of "the girls" who used to hang out and party in SF when we were all in our 20's, young and relatively care-free. Now we're all so widely scattered with kids, husbands, careers -- and life seems much more complicated than it did back when our chief concern was which bar we should hit next! This t-shirt would be sort of an "inside joke" reference to that great, fun (hung over) time in our lives before we all had to go and get responsible.

Anyway -- hope you enjoyed that little flash back as much as I did. Stay in touch and teach me this blogging thing so I can stay in touch too!

--Dana (California mommy to twins Will & Evan who will be 4 on 12/8/07 and who want to know why WE can't have a pool with dolphins in it like the fancy hotels in Hawaii!)

Anonymous said...

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