Thursday, 15 May 2008

Yummy New Gear

Oh, I'm so excited!

I've ordered this laptop and may there peace and harmony in the world...or at least in my posts.

And then, as if reading my mind, or rather my order form where I opted out on the carrier bag, Kathy reveals this. Wouldn't it be out-of-this-world if I can use this as my carrier bag?

I've put forth my questions to Kathy and her Pink Chalk Studio regarding this yummy bag. The most important being: am I really capable of making something so cool?

Let's hope the word too, is green for go. At least that's what Cutiepie would say.


i'm kelly said...

how exciting. and i love the color! what fun.

Anna K. said...

Oooh! I got a laptop from Dell earlier this year and I LOVE it. Mine is white, though...didn't like some of the other choices that were available at the time.

The bag over at Pink Chalk Studio is tres cute!! I'm it made with some sort of liner so that when it rains, it protects whatever's inside?

ros said...

You might also be interested to check out Amy Butler's new laptop bag pattern here.

Sherry said...

Thanks a mil Ros!!
Unfortunately, Pink Chalk Stuido bag is not going to work as it is just a bit smaller.
But I love love the Amy Butler pattern and will be buying it. Thanks Ros for bringing it to my attention!