Tuesday, 6 May 2008

In My Thoughts Today...

May 6, 2018

Door flies open. Babydoll and a friend come bouncing in, squealing and laughing their way to the fridge. The friend stops and peers through to the sitting area, watching an older middle age woman in the next room.

I’m talking into the phone with a smile on the face and a sparkle in my eye. I’m relaxed and at peace. Suddenly, following some vision, some notion, in the conversation, I burst into laughter, then giggles, then I laugh again so hard, my eyes well up with tears. This repeats several times during the phone call.

The teenage friend yanks at Babydoll’s faded hoodie and says, “Hey! What’s up with your mom? Is she alright?”

Babydoll leans in for a closer look, and then with an exaggerated roll of the eyes, she says, “Yeah, she’s ok. I bet she’s talking to Twirly in America. They are so, like, silly. When she and my mom get together, on the phone or in person, they can’t stop laughing and are FOREVER silly. It can be SOOOO embarrassing!”


Today, Twirly is known for care packages of purple jello and ranch dip as well as for her funny faces on the Skype camera. Though, she is best, and formerly, known for her curly hair—thus the nickname, Twirly.

Honestly, I’ve always envisioned the scene painted here, where my daughters grow up knowing that not only is Twirly part of our family, that she's my infectious joyful friend. The one who can spin Mommy laughing so hard, she cries.

Happy Birthday Twirly. We love you.

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Anna K. said...

Everyone needs a friend who makes them laugh until they cry!

Happy Birthday, Twirly.