Saturday, 3 May 2008

Swap Talk

This time last year I embarked on my first quilt swap. This is where a small (24 inches max) quilt is made and sent it to an anonymous partner. Everyone in the swap receives a quilt. Generally it is a win-win deal.

I remember mailing day, wrapping up my quilt to be sent off. DH had come in and when I filled him in on the details, his eyes bugged out. I had put a lot of time and effort into my quilt and having grown so attached to it, he was surprised and saddened to learn it was venturing off to live in a home other than ours. The quilt itself was a colorwash landcape, a technique that completely grabs at my heart. It was a first attempt, but overall I think it was nice.

Near about the same time, I received the quilt destined for our home from Tracie. It was lovely, and still is. The colors are bright and refreshing and we even redid our bathroom colors so as to match. I love looking up at it.

Unfortunately, we were never quite certain of my quilt's fate. You see, I seem to recall the swap organizer confirming it's receipt, however, I never heard from my partner nor did I ever see a post regarding this quilt on her blog. I'm still a ghostly lurker over there. It still hurts. I have never had the heart to tell DH that the quilt went away without any recognition. It was disheartening to say the least.

There was a second swap and I will admit I was still wounded from the earlier swap. My heart wasn't in it, and I'm afraid it showed in my quilt. I did basic piecing and quilting, not wishing to go out on a limb a second time. (Though it's new owner was ever so gracious and appreciative.) And to make me feel even worse, the quilt I received was unbelieveably gorgeous!! My handiwork is on left; whereas my partner Zita's lovely work is on right.

So here we are and my lovely friend Kate has invited me to join in the ALQS group. I am always in awe of her quilting and all her lovely artwork, so I couldn't resist. Happily, I approach it with new freshness. I remember these pointers and hope to have a better experience:
  • KISS, keep it simple stupid
  • Timely, allowing plenty of time to design, piece and quilt
  • Knowingly, learning about my partner and their likes/dislikes
From stalking my new partner's blog, I've learned my partner is a very fun person. Off to a good start! On the blog, there are numerous clues as to my partner's likes and dislikes. This partner seems very seasoned in quilting, so I'm focusing on doing simple concepts executed perfectly. I'm ready to have fun!

I've spent the best daylight hours choosing from my fabric stash. Here are the two color palettes, one must be eliminated.

Which one do you like best?


katelnorth said...

I like the first one best. And I can promise you this time that your partner will definitely acknowledge your quilt when she receives it - she's the type to do that. :) Glad you joined up despite previous dissapointment!

Anna K. said...

I like the second one best...but I'm a sucker for more graphic designs.

Your color wash quilt...simply divine! Truly a work of art, Sherry, and I can tell that a lot of care went into it's creation. Totally understand why DH was sad to see it go. ;0)

I'm impressed at your willingness to give the swap another try...may all go well!

blackbearcabin said...

I love that little tree quilt! Swaps are always a risk, but im glad youve decided to take another chance :)
And you never know...the rcvr of your quilt might not have had decent access to email and didnt know how to thank you....stretching it a bit, i know, but i always like to think the better of folks. (and this comes from someone who worked in retail for years ;) hehehe
I loved your comment "stalking" your rcvrs site...ive been doing the same for mine too :)
Good Luck, and i cant wait to see what you create!

i'm kelly said...

oh! what fun! a quilt swap? i don't know if i could ever do it though. as you said, it would be hard to put all that time and effort into something, simply to give it away. i recently did an apron swap... and had a fairly similar experience, so i don't know how soon i'll be jumping on that bandwagon. i know, i know, i shouldn't let one or two bad experiences ruin it.

and btw, have your hubby cut your bangs.

Supermom said...

second one :-)

Supermom said...

sure I wish I knew got the other quilt last year... I'd wring her neck!

Anonymous said...

i think i like the 2nd one best, but both are lovely! And that quilt you did for your quilt swap was AMAZING! I love it!

Collectincat said...

As a purple-lover, I like the first one best. And I love the color wash quilt. Wish it had been me who received it, --you certainly would have heard big thank-you's!!!
This is my first try at ALQS and I am looking forward to the swap.