Friday, 9 May 2008

It's This Thing Called Life...

...and it can be so distracting.

I have to work and all I want to do is blog.
I have to clean and all I want to do is blog.
I have to feed my family and all I want to do is blog.

And I want to sew. And go buy this. And go see this.

But no, I sit and what do I do? Work.

Obviously, I am whining just a tad bit. Here are some photos that prove life is good.

Firstly, GirlE's quilt is finished. Designed and pieced by her (*gasp* a very talented 11yo) , I've finished the quilting and binding and can't wait to deliver it to her.
Glorious sunny days and, of course, an uncooperating wind!
Below is a finished quilt soon to be enroute to America to a newly born babe. I concentrated on quilting outside my box, no pun intended for this Bento Box pattern. It has become one of my favorites.

And finally, the sunshine has been spoiling us here in Ireland. Fabulous weather. We were caught unexpectantly on the Bank Holiday Monday (a nationwide nonwork day for most Irish), but were in the right spot for it: at DH's sister's gorgeous home overlooking the Blessington Lakes. This photo was taken while enjoying breakfast on the deck. Oh, the life!


Anonymous said...

Your quilting on both quilts is great. I'm impressed with both of them, GirlE did a good job! Love the view of Blessington, ,and that was great weather, last weekened...can't say much for this Saturday though, lol!

Anna K. said...

GirlE rocks! All of the quilts look so great...uncooperative wind and all.

What a lovely view in that last photo!