Saturday, 17 May 2008

Wanted Creative Artists and Photographers, Must Be Generous

Most of you know, I quilt and I write. Well, I've decided to make an honest living out the two of them. They're getting married. Please meet Irish Quilting (IQ), soon to be Ireland's first quilting magazine.

Verry soon I will be hustling IQ to the many enterprise, small biz and other powers-that-be in a position to grant/provide funds for this new business. I am also soliciting the beginning of a long line of advertisers for IQ. For this two-part task, IQ needs a rockin' identity on paper.

Calling all graphic artists and photographers. If you know of anyone talented, creative and who might be willing to help, send 'em my way. Do you know someone in art school, in a photography class? Send 'em my way. Mark my words, this is prime opportunity to help them create some great portfolio material.

Because we're in early stages, there is no money. And yet, we need talent. What is needed is a look for our first approach to all stakeholders in this magazine. We are looking for a classical, clean look for IQ, leaving the styling and color to the Irish iconic photgraphy and gorgeous quilt content.

Masthead: (Irish Quilting) for extended use in all graphics (header, website, stationary)
Icon graphic: IQ
Thumbnails: Mock pictures of magazine incorporating masthead

And...while there is no upfront money for these Short Term Needs (Long Term Needs compensated), that is not to say, an early fund or grant will not be awarded. Enterprise boards often reimburse costs and expenses (to a limit) for budding entrepreneurships. These startup costs will be the first expenses paid. And of course, there is unlimited advertisement to come in the magazine and materials. For those U.S.-based, all I can say is, Think Global!

So, please
Email me a rockin' logo/masthead
Send this link onto someone who might be interested

And while we're at it, where's your IQ today?


kate said...

WOW! This is incredibly exciting. I can't wait to see this unfold!!!

Cleverclogs said...

WOW!!! This is super news! Don't know if I would have any talents to add, but if you think of one, I am here!