Tuesday, 13 May 2008

What A Tease!

There was a time when 'tease' meant something entirely different.

These days, a tease is when serving our favorite cookies with our tea. Does he get chocolate? Does he get vanilla? Only I know.

These days, a tease is when arriving at the driveway gate (closed) and my arm moves toward the car door. Will I get out and open the gate? Will he have to get out? Only I know.

These days, a tease is planning a romantic evening and expecting romance. Will I be zonked after one glass of wine? Or two glasses of wine? Only I know. Well, not necessarily.

So, internets, this is my tease for you.

What's it look like in full? Are you my secret partner? Only I know.
Bring on the ALQS. My top is finished and quilting begins soon.

Sure, I mourn the old tease. But, hey, a tease is still a tease.

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