Thursday, 7 February 2008

[Dating] Game Over

Well, have I left ya all in a holding pattern long enough? Are you ready for the next dose of the Great Job Search of '08? Hopefully this is the last chapter…until the next book is published, that is.

It Could Be Love, Inc.,
Well, never trust a fickle man. After one mysterious text message, I have yet to hear back from ICBL. Besides, he was in a rebound relationship and I'm not sure I'd wish that on anyone.

Mr. Right Job Right Now
This match never made history together, accurately enough. No complaints though.

Love & Company
This relationship had me questioning everything. In the end, it was a lot of head games and promised more of the same for very little in return. Other than being close to home, it was just another pretty face.

Older But Secure
I was wooed by security but awoke in reality, thanks to one insistent girlfriend's thorough scrutiny. Boredom and blah would not bed me down. I'm ashamed to admit, but this relationship ended with a Dear John letter. Feeling a tad bit smothered, I ran from OBS into the arms of WTD.

Worth the Distance
Rejected twice, persistent WTD was determined to win me over. And they have. After much counselling, we've come together as a match. I have my space—working 3 days in the office and 2 days at home—for top respect (aka money and benefits). Distance being the only issue in our relationship, we'll focus on early quality time, not quantity. It is refreshing confronting our issues early on; if it goes awry we know why.

This month I happily rejoin the ranks of the gainfully employed.

Don't you worry, give me a few weeks and I'll be my old self again. Complaining, whining, and crying out for my long lost freedom


Anne Marie said...

Congratulations!!!!! Now let's get blogging, I miss all your funny posts!!! BTW, I just got Broadband and I'm on it now, yippee! Sad that something so simple gives me such pleasure...

Anne Marie said...

Hey Sherry!!! Sorry to be a royal pain in the backside but could you tell me if my noreply to comments is turned off!!!! So Sorry, I'm not very quick at learning this LOL....

Ruth's Place said...

Congratulations! I've loved reading about your search!

Erinness said...

Whoohoo! Congratulations Sherry. Some of my best relationships have been "worth the distance". Truly enjoyed reading the posts! And looking forward to hearing all about the new coworkers, especially the nutty ones. :)