Friday, 15 February 2008

It May Not Be An Oscar...

Wow! I’m breathless.

I’m honored to accept two lovely awards from fellow bloggers.

How cool is this? Not one, but two Oscars!!

I would like to thank Cathi for the “You Make My Day” award. I’m forever indebted to her as she got me started working on my blog, she has brought quilting, along with a variety of crafts, to life for me in Ireland and she is a dear friend and astute listener (reader!). While her life was swirling with the usual winter bugs upseting her, her DH and her adorable girls, with her mother’s recent diagnosis with illness as well as her father’s health concerns, with worried thoughts of a summer in Oz in suspension, this thoughtful blogger considered others. When direction for my work/life balance made an abrupt u-turn, of which I quickly and cunningly did a bloggity makeover (for my sanity and for entertainment’s sake), she spotted the upheaval at root and immediately fetched me out. Was I alright? I remember that day; she made my day.
Thank you Cathi.

Thank you Anna, for the“Excellent Blog” award.
Gosh, I'm chuffed!! When I began this ride, I never expected to find a friend, let alone a fan in a land so afar, yet so parallel online. Anna’s a Southern Bell and verry like my girls’ disappearing TH, an emerging double syllable from her son’s one-syllable words equally charms Anna. What is it about written musings that keeps us captive and amused? In reading about her one and only Bubs, I think to my own babes while dreaming of the colorful paths they'll tread and, more importantly, whose paths they'll cross.

And for this, I'd like to thank Babydoll and Cutiepie for providing never-ending writing material.

I'd like to thank DH for his silent appreciation and support of this hobby. This blog serves as an outlet for me and he knows all too well, happy wife = happy life.

I'd like to thank all my friends and family who forgive me this guilty pleasure. Blogging has long since robbed valuable time once spent letter writing and mailing photos. I solemnly promise to remember and restore such humanly touch and joy experienced in sharing that which is brought by your real-life mailman.

I’d like to thank Banana and Tanya for their never-ending support and advice in all my offline escapades. It’s their shoring up that allows me to take tension-tied stakes and turn them into laughable posts.

I'd like to thank Rebecca and AnneMarie for their inspiration in quilting, my other quilty pleasure.

And finally,

I'd like to thank the original cast of my blog world: Shannon, Erin, Megan, Cathi, BigMama, Antique Mommy, PW and Attack of the Redneck Mother. They inpire, they inform, they entertain, and most importantly they make me smile on the bleakest of days!

And I'd like to thank those that continually inspire me: Kathy, Kate, Bonnie.

And of course,

I’d like to thank my lurkers and ask them to delurk!

I'd like to thank Irish Broadband for a speedy connection.

I'd like to thank Canon for a camera to afford me colourful pictures.

I'd like to thank my computer for marching the sands of time.

I'd like to thank Blogger.

I'd like to thank …

I'd like …

If only, you could see me in my designer gown.


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

hee hee. Is it quilted, this designer gown?

Seriously, thanks for the shout out. I enjoy you immensely and think you are extra-deserving of these honors!

Ruth's Place said...

I've only been reading for a few days - I came over from Cathi's blog, can't remember if I've commented yet or not, so decided to put my head up and say hi.

Anne Marie said...

Oh you are so fab!!!! Enjoyed our witty conversation last night even though I was a little on the slow side with the quilty pleasures!!!!

Kathy - Pink Chalk Studio said...

Thank you Sherry, you're a sweetheart!

Anna K. said...

You deserved it, Shug!