Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Made Especially for You

On most nights, there is a certain level of commotion that follows bedtime. More often than not, it is crackerbox Cutiepie poking at Babydoll, putting off her beauty sleep. (Mother like daughter, I know. We like our sleep!)

Regularly, we hear Babydoll cry out, “Daddy! I can’t sleep. Cutiepie is giving me a headache!”

Recently in the car Babydoll reciprocated. After some bickering, Cutiepie screams out, “Mom! Babydoll is making me a headache!”

How thoughtful of her.

Update: Notice the brightly adorned tiaras/crowns worn by the girls. Each girl made their own from kits from Twirly and Banana, their beloved adopted godmutters. Separate gifts, yet clearly great minds think alike! Thank you!

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