Friday, 25 January 2008

Dinner Date with LoveandCompany

The Great Job Search of '08, Part Two

He says: So, do you come here often?

She says: Occasionally.

He says: What sort of music do you like?

Seeking to please, she says: All sorts. Probably not heavy medal as much.

He says, What kind of fun do you like to have?

She says: I’m quite agreeable to most things fun. And you?

Insistent, he says: Well, do you like outdoors or indoors?

She says: Both, which do you prefer?

Politely demanding an answer, he says: You must have an idea of what you like to do?

Dam officially breaks. Beware of flood.

She says, Well, actually, I’d like to have your children.

Frantic eyes seek out waitstaff.

He says: Check, please!

If you need a translation, in terms of job search, email me and I’ll reply once I’m through crying. Or you can just substitute "money" for "children", sniff.

To Be Continued

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