Thursday, 14 February 2008

Covet Those Memories!

This is my MIL's 70th birthday present, or rather my present to her for her 70th birthday. Seventy presents on her birthday would be a bit much, don'tcha think?

Now a flimsy top, it awaits sandwiching and a whole lot of pinning!

The whole clan is in this quilt. You can even see her with her husband on her wedding day in the upper far left. Very romantic!

Reminds me, Happy Valentine's Day all you Internets!


Anne Marie said...

Oh Sherry, this came out lovely!!!! I am sure she is going to be over the moon....Learn me Learn me Learn me!!!!!

Anna K. said...

Ooooh. So verry, verry nice! I can tell a lot of thought and heart went into this. Love the idea of the photos in the quilt!