Tuesday, 26 February 2008

It's Not a Sweat Shop...If There's No Sign On The Door!

Believe it or not, my 5yo Babydoll is addicted to ironing. Don't cringe. She's safe, I watch her with a close eye. She just loves pressing wrinkles. And she does a good job, I might add.

It was sew-sew weekend. Or I should say a 'sew good' weekend. There are two finished flimsies. One for a little babe born just Thursday eve to a Winnie the Pooh loving family.

And the colorful one is for baby Evan, born two weeks ago.

I am still working on my MIL quilt. It is about 80% quilted now. Though there was a breakthrough at my Wednesday quilt group. My quilting, all but meandering, puckers a lot. Where my seams cross I always have gaps and extra fabric. When pinning, 'they say' don't pull it too tight, now, I think I don't pull it tight enough. Marie in my group suggested I [straight] pin my quilting path ahead and sew on forward. And it works, not a pucker to be had!
I will post the finished product in a few days.
We have a trip planned to the in-laws for Saturday and all will be revealed, finally.

Other verry good news in the family: My stepdaughter GirlE has had a break through as well. Most of you know she suffered brain/spinal tissue damage in a car accident in 2005. She was recovering slowly, needing assistance to walk and her legs' body tissue suffering a cold hard condition. The doctors felt she just needed to pull herself through and that's hard on a 11yo. Her mother has taken her to a 'healer' who reckons her injury is more in her stomach and kidneys as a result of the seatbelt. He has treated her and after a few weeks of severe diarrhea, there are signs of huge improvement. It seems her system is cleaning itself out. (Note to self: learn more about these 'healers'! Anyone know how they work?)

Yippeee!!! They report she will be as good as before the accident. Her mother is hugely convinced and confident --which in itself is a huge win, as we all know our mental beliefs have a huge impact on physical healing too! We are so excited to see her on Saturday. The best is DH--the joy in his eyes when he told me her progress was lovely. I am so happy for him and her.

I'll sign off on that good note! Have a good day!


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

That is fantastic news about your daughter-in-law! And your two new quilts are soooo cute. Lucky babies! Hugs - M

Sew Create It - Jane said...

My 5 year old likes to dust and clean...hmmm they'd make a good team wouldn't they!! LOL

Anne Marie said...

Do child labor laws ring a bell LOL!!! Maybe babydoll would like to work for me this summer, I have alot of sheets to iron!! Is that the winnie the pooh quilt that was picked up yesterday? Very cute, nice job!!

Anna K. said...

Love the quilts!! I especially like the one for Evan, with it's fun, bright colors. It reminds me of a quilt I made for my son when he was born...my first attempt at quilting ever.
Big cheers for your daughter! I sincerely hope that her progress continues to be positive.

herenthere said...

Hello Very Sherry! I AM A REAL PERSON!! (Friend of Ann-Marie's) So glad to hear about your 11 yo stepdaughter. I am a HUGE believer in alternative medicines such as acupuncture, healers, chiropractors, etc. Went to the doc a few years ago convinced I was allergic to some food but didn't know which one. Was very fatigued all the time. He wouldn't send me for allergy tests because he said "they're not completely reliable." So I went to a holistic allergy person instead and she said I was allergic to a whole host of things that I won't bore you with. Anyway, I prefer them to regular docs. I've been much better ever since.