Monday, 18 February 2008

All Things Good

As I drove to work this morning, thoughts of the weekend put a smile on my face. Yes, it was a good weekend.

It might have been my one-to-one time with Babydoll. She is usually Daddy’s girl, so I was thrilled to get her all to myself, while DH and Cutiepie hung out. Mom and daughter spent Saturday shopping, visiting friends, attending a birthday party.

It might have been our impromptu visit with a friend enroute to the birthday festivities. Together, mom and daughter ooo’ed and ahhh’ed over our friends’ 11 month old baby girl.

It might have been the long brisk walk with a good friend on Sunday morning. The weather was beautiful, the air was brisk and the trek around our local reservoir was refreshing. It was that perfect one-to-one time for quality friendship.

It might have been a Sunday visit from family and friends on Sunday. More good company, and not least of all, the food and drink.

But it probably was the new way I’m styling my hair. You would never know with me. But it was that good.

The weekend came to a leisurely end with my sister-in-law’s family on Sunday. After blissful hours of browsing fabric, cutting pieces and visualizing quilts with SIL, dinner was served. SIL brought with them the most sin-delicious chocolate coffee cream cake.

Now, for someone who rarely has caffeine and never has coffee, you might think I’d pass on the cake. Oh, no. Oh no siree! People, it was chocolate and buttercream, need I say more? And it does not help that I am a firm believer of the theory: It’s bound to happen, now or later. Might as well make it now. So, you see, I easily allowed myself a second portion. Besides, my tea was half full and still hot; and everyone knows I only drink tea to partake the sweet goodies.

Dotted throughout the weekend, was some quality time with DH. When we found ourselves curled on the couch with our red wine night cap, I heard the cake call out to me once more. Oh yes. I’m weak.

We lie in bed still. After more than 3,000 nights spent together, DH knows full well a jittery silence. I was wired, wide awake. In an effort to head off the chatty insomnia that would inevitably keep a very tired DH awake, he pulled me in closer and said,

“You have to be up very early in the morning. You really should try to go to sleep.”

“It’s o.k. honey. I plan to have cake for breakfast.”

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Anne Marie said...

Sounds heavenly, breakfast of champions!!!!