Friday, 28 September 2007

A Rose By Any Other Name

picture intentionally removed>
Three years ago at exactly this hour, I was being prepped for a magnificent arrival. The operative word “prepped” just doesn’t seem to suffice now. Nothing could have prepared us for our bundle of joy, hours and hours and days and days of laughter and moments of torment that were and are to come with having an adorable, all-embracing little one. At 12:39 on a sunny Tuesday morning, my darling Cutiepie was brought into this world. I thank my lucky stars!!

You know, she wasn’t always Cutiepie? For the first eight hours of her itty bitty life, she was actually Ashley. Yep, Ashley.

The truth be known, we thought she was going to be a boy—or maybe we hoped? There was her older sister Babydoll, and a boywonder would have made them a collector’s set. Early on, we settled on a boy’s name. Realizing there was a 50% chance we could be wrong, we chose Cutiepie as a girl backup.

Somewhere between my 7th month and D-day, my mind wandered. We relocated across the world, we bought a house, we settled into new surroundings and my mind wandered—what other excuses must an expectant gal need? The day before Cutiepie was due I asked DH if he liked the name Ashley. Yes. Can we name the baby Ashley if it is a girl? Ashley for a girl? Yes. Ok, then, it will be Ashley.

This discussion was way too easy, but I was way too pregnant to notice.

And so it went. Or so she came.

Now, remember Babydoll’s arrival just 18 months earlier had been a brutal induction to the worries, fears and scares of parenthood. She arrived via emergency caesarean and was monitored in newborn intensive care unit in San Francisco for four days…before she was kicked out for being too robust a baby. You know there are preemies and special needs babies that need their sleep?, we were told as they asked us to take our healthy loud babe home. We gladly obliged.

However, when we arrived in Ireland, my gynaecologist asked me if I had a preferred delivery method, and before I could open my mouth, DH answered quickly,

“Yes, please schedule a C-section. I can’t go through all that again.”

To which, I said, “Excuse me?”
Funny, I could’ve swore I was the one with the basketball protruding from my belly.

In fairness to DH, he had it tough. Afterall, I was the one on drugs. Following Babydoll's ordeal delivery, with a new daughter, blue and floppy, in ICU and a scared and drugged wife in recovery, he was worse for wear.

We scheduled the C-section for a week beyond due date while I secretly hoped for a chance to experience what all those gals drone on and on about: a natural birth.

With no sign of stirring, I was wheeled into the operating room with the anaesthesiologist doing his best to soothe me. He asked, “have you picked a name if it's a girl?” Yes. Ashley.

‘Ashley’s debut was safe and sound with all the routineness of a simple doctor’s appointment. We checked in with reception at 11:02, and at 12:39, she was a screaming and flailing pink wee one.

We greeted the other new moms on the ward and introduced them to Ashley.
I waited the few hours for dawn to rise on California’s sleepy coast and called friends and family and shared the news of Ashley.

DH and I were relaxing and seeping in the smelly and pretty goodness of our newborn delight when, I heard it in his voice.”You know, honey?” Uh-oh.

You see, my DH has a wonderful virtue where he avoids conflict and keeps an easy going attitude. The downside is when he does warrant a change or objection, it very often happens after the fact.

After I introduced all my ward mates to Ashley.

After I called my dearest friends and family in America and announced Ashley’s arrival.

You guessed it. He really doesn’t like the name Ashley. Ashling is a girl’s name in Irish and ‘Ashley’ is too close, yet too different. And, well, most importantly, Ashley is a boy’s name—if you consider Gone With the Wind a guiding factor. For whatever his reason is, he’s the dad and she’s his daughter, he should like what he calls her.

But most importantly, he reminded me of our original choice for Cutiepie. Of course, I said, she is Cutiepie. My mind returned. Now when do I get my memory back?

Happy Birthday Cutiepie!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

The Working Mom

This morning on the way to work, tuned to the radio, the following tidbits were revealed after a recent survey of what Irish Woman Think…in Ireland, of course.

Women who work outside the home have a better quality of life.
Women who work outside the home are regarded highly by general population. Women who stay at home are not regarded as high by general population.

These same women also said…
Families whose mothers stay at home have a superior child-raising experience than those who mothers work outside the home.

Food for thought? Hmmm.

My personal opinion strongly disagrees with the first statement. My, and this is mine only, quality of life seriously suffers because I work. However, I work because we need the money. If I worked to add to an already secure (i.e., able to subsist beyond paycheck to paycheck) livelihood, then I don't know, I would have to question that 'quality' of life for myself. For others to judge is tricky, unless you are privy to all of one's reasons for working outside the home.

When Babydoll was in playschool, I felt a distinct stereotype eluding from the workers of the community-run daycare. It was as if they thought I was working to support my shopping addiction, the tax and fuel consumption from our Landrover and our lavish home set on two acres. Well, that is far from the truth. I haven't bought a new outfit since before my pregnancies (starting 2002), I drive a station wagon that stalls if it idles longer than 7 minutes, and we rent a home which retains the same walls and decor as when built in the '70s.
So you see, I've experienced both sides of attidude found in this poll.

In our neighboring countryside, homes are handed down, and if homes are not there to give, land usually is, so for many in our area mortgages are nonexistent. If we did not pay rent or mortgage, it would be a huge help and I most certainly would work less than full time.

If I had a choice, I would work part time. Or even ideally, work in the school system, somehow, somewhere. This to me seems like a perfect compromise that would allow me to enjoy my life (quality or whathaveyou) as well as enjoy the fortunate opportunity to be home while raising my girls. I’m hoping in the very near future I have a choice.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this: why the phrase: “Stay at Home Mom”?
Home was the traditional, first place for moms, so why isn’t it “Go to Work Mom”?

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Calling all Architects

Although, I’m probably the gizillonth person to link on Shannon’s Works for Me Wednesday, I do actually feel like I’ve finally made it in the land of bloggers! This is my first!

This tip must be credited to Girle, my 10-year-old stepdaughter. She is the cleverest gal, you’ll ever know. And since it is her birthday this week, this one's for her!

When the kids are bored in need of an exciting new play tool, consider your nearest recycle pile. Girle’s brilliant idea was to use the various cardboard boxes that had been folded flat to build and design a mini-town. For example, my hair color box (oops! now ya’ll know!) was christened as the local hair salon. Food boxes become restaurants. Boxes with animal illustrations quickly transform into pet care and hospitals, and so on and so forth. Construct streets with the rows of box-commerce!

The kids can get even more interactive with crayons and writing pens, designing windows and doors or whatever on their play town.

And when all finished it is a quick demolition trip back to the recycle bin!

This Works for Me! What works for you? For more tips, head on over to Rocks In My Dryer.

Career Options

Babydoll came home from school with BandAids on both hands and knees after quite a spill on the playground. She was sent to the school secretary, who made quite an impression on her. Later that evening she counted down on three fingers, “Miss Chris is a Doctor, a Not-ter (one who hands out school notes) and a Lollylady (Irish term for crossing guard).

And just when I thought Babydoll might grow up to be a human resources specialist, she announces, “I’m going to be Pub-ber! ‘Cause he’s the one who owns the pub!”

Clearly, she aims to please her father.

Happy Birthday Girle!

Yesterday was Girle (girl-E)’s birthday, my stepdaughter’s 11th birthday. We plan to celebrate her birthday this weekend too. I made her this pencil role. She is quite artistic. I hope she likes it. She dislikes all things pink and calls herself a punk rocker…so I think the celtic blue/black cover suits her. If I had black and red skull and cross bones I would’ve used that!
The idea was taken from the very talented Pink Chalk Studio. Since I was winging it without pattern, I will admit the flaw you may or may not see above. The padding is flannel, and on my next one I will be sure to minimize the flannel so it is not actually in the seams. It made the seams thicker and they did not rest as nicely as I would have liked. But I am still proud and can't wait to give it to Girle. She is very special, talented and a true spark in my life and I can't wait to see her interest.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Twirly Goodness

Just so you know what all the buzz is about the house this coming weekend. Cutiepie has a birthday coming on! Artwork/invite is courtesy of her Twirly Godmutter (aka Laura) ...she's the best!

Verry Busy!

Whew! What a busy weekend. Course, when I think about it, not too much was accomplished.

In fact, I even missed some important To-Dos. Like get my Babydoll’s gym suit for school. Yikes. She had to go to school today in her regular clothes and a note apologizing. Oh, I feel like a horrible mom!!

But who am I kidding? With two growing kiddies, there’s not a lota room for hangin’ about.

What I did do on Saturday was go visit the local Irish Patchwork Society. The meeting was in a town north of Dublin on the ocean front, so the girls and I made the train trek up there and I scurried off to the meeting while Babydoll and Cutiepie played in the park with the au pair.

It was nice. I even joined in membership. And I came home with inspiration and project ideas. The membership meets once a month and there is a patchwork library and vendors on site. A win/win in one!

One idea, free to take home, was a patchwork advent calendar for coming Christmas. I loved it; very simple and doable. However, the last detail is to put numbers on the pockets. Does anyone have a quick cute way of adding numbers to a quilt work? I’m trying to keep it simple, would consider appliquéing fabric numbers to the pockets… Any ideas out there?

Friday, 21 September 2007

Do I Re-do?

First, thanks for the tips in the comments below on what to do with my trailing machine quilting threads. I think I know what new approaches to take.

The question now becomes: do I rip out the quilting and redo quilting on my small doll quilt? I really wanted to pop it in the mail...ohhhhh! I don't know what to do!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Fall Arrives in Full Color

Yesterday it was my turn to receive a treat in the mail. And a very yummy one! Check out this doll quilt. For my readers who are not quilters, ‘doll’ quilts are smallish sizes, say fit for a doll. Often they become decorative wall hangings.

[Disclaimer: Mommy makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the models of this website are darling and chic, but can accept no responsibility for omissions, errors or subsequent wardrobe changes. In particular to this post, the hatwear.]

Yes! I am the lucky recipient of this quilt made by Zita of Hungary!! I love its delicious colors. The sewing is so perfectomundo!!! It is beautiful. I’ve already found its home on my hallway wall. This weekend I plan to hang it. Thank you Zita!

Timing is great, cause I am 98% finished with my doll quilt for the same swap. Just have to stitch the label on the backside and in the mail it goes on Saturday!

While I’ve got any quilters’ attention: I have a silly question to ask…
Sorry non-quilters, this is where I’m lost, so you will undoubtedly become lost too!

When I machine quilt free form—what do I do with the trailing thread at the end of a design? I find my top and bottom thread unravels and does not stay secure.

Example: my quilt below, I had a horrible time keeping the free floating leaf stitches in…ended up using my walking foot to backstitch…and this you can see in the stitching. It is not clean and mono stitch like I see in so many other quilts, and like Zita’s!

Should I have had a floating stem that allows me to free form stitch off the edge of the quilt, thereby securing with the binding stitching? What happens if you have an accidental ‘break’ in stitching, in the middle of design? Do you rip out and start over?

Or, is this where “burying threads” come in? I've heard this notion used with hand quilting. Though, once I tried to think it through with a machined piece, but I couldn’t get my head around it.


Amazing Autumn

Verry [In]Appropriate?

Just thinking, first Disney arrives in Ireland , and now here comes Michael Jackson...

What a coinkidink!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Good Thing I Have No Sons

Celebrity Gossip
Michael Jackson Is On The Ladder 19 September 2007

Mr Jackson is moving to the Gorden of Oreland, or Wickla as it's usually called. According to Hotpress, Jackson has purchased Luggala Estate in Roundwood after falling in love with the 350 acres property (*ahem* a mere snip at €20 million). "It was reported last year that Jackson wanted to move to Ireland 'permanently' after falling in love with the country following his visit, which saw him accompanied by his three children, Prince Michael (3), Paris (8) and Prince Michael II (4). During his stay, he was spotted dining in local restaurants, as well as making trips to the cinema, and a shopping jaunt to the Hughes and Hughes bookstore in Dun Laoighaire."

Roundwood= Our village!

The Verry Point

Today's conversation with Babydoll:

BD: Mom, I can’t find my blankie with the teddy bears.

Me: Your blankie is at Auntie Berni’s house.

(lots of pause and concentration)

BD: No! You’re wrong Mom!!

Me: Excuse me?

BD: Mom, you’re wrong!

(lots of hand waving, BD, not me)

BD: You see, I took my blankie to Sue’s house in Wexford and I left it there.

Me: Your pink blankie?

BD: No! My. Blue. Blankie. With. Bears. All. Over. It! But…Sue gave it back to me when she came to our house and I put it in my room.

Me: Oh! I’m not sure what blankie this is…can you show it to me tonight?

(look of disbelief from BD—a lot like I get from DH)

BD: I. DON’T. KNOW. WHERE. IT. IS.!!! That was the POINT, Mommmmm!

Are four year olds allowed to have a point? A valid one, at that?

Even though I unnerved her to no end, I would have given anything to keep this conversation going …growing up is fun to…watch!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Disney Arrives in Ireland

Many of you may not know this, but I have the best girlfriends in the whole wide world!

For the last six months, Babydoll and Cutiepie have been on about Snow White and Mermaid, respectively. And of course, low and behold, what did the mailman deliver to them yesterday? Yep, Snow White and Mermaid gowns...all the way from California. They are fantastic—very well made and so beautiful.
Courtesy of the lovely Carlina…she was so kind to grant this wish. She is this month’s fairy ‘godmutter’ as lovingly christened by the girls. The girls are over the moon with the new outfits.

They were more than glad to pose for a photograph. Though Ariel the Mermaid would only pose on laying down—cause you know, “Mermaids don’t walk, Mommy!” The picture below is her explaining this to her daddy! (pls. ignore my dirty floor!)

Both girls were home from school sick with colds and it was a real uplifter. And now, we have Halloween all sorted. Hugs and kisses to Carlina.

A Mermaid on Dry Land

Monday, 17 September 2007

Snug as A Bug

< picture intentionally removed>
You may wonder how I got so much sewing done this weekend...well it helps, when both little girls are down for the count, watching TV and suffering the school onset of colds and stomach bugs. Unfortunately for them, fortunately for mommy sewing away, their energy zapped.

Above is adorable Cutiepie about 2am after she emptied her entire dinner and dessert onto Dora and all her stuffed pals found in her warm bed. It was so bad I could not see straight to clean it all up, get it dried and we made do on the couch, the wet wipes being a vital element. Poor baby! You will notice the lovely princess up-do, that was necessary cause she just keeps throwing up! Again, poor baby!

Meanwhile earlier in the day, I merrily made my way onto No. 5 Project, boy quilt and No. 2 Project, girl quilt. I'm taking all my scraps and crumbs and stripping them down...into bright colors, pastel colors, and busy patterns. Kinda like sorting laundry but more fun!
Anyway using the mile-a-minute method, I have strings coming out the wazoo, and can't wait to return for more! The boy quilt is taking less time than I thought. It is to be a 'wonky' square with a car in the middle. Think I have enough done to do two quilts at a baby size. We'll see...

It's My Prerogative!

This weekend, as I was diligently rotating my projects, paralysis seeped in. I had lept onto Project 1, a commissioned baby quilt. Once I finished the flimsy (top piece) I put it aside and hopped over to my Four Seasons Fall Quilt.
And here’s where the stall began. You see, in the summer, I joined a swap over at That swap seems to have sorta stopped mid-air, as seen on its webpage. It’s kinda like reading a book only to find the last few pages ripped out. Luckily for me, I received a lovely quilt from North Carolina—I think, somewhere in that vast country land—in fact, it was one of the first ones completed.

Realize, I could have been an awaiting recipient…still! Amazing that people would sign up and yet not keep up the end of their deal! From the looks of it, that happens. So disappointing, but it allows the true quilting angels to come forward.

Mine, in return, was due to go to a home in California. Once finished in July, I took it to Las Vegas with me and mailed it from there, well before the deadline. Enter my gripe.

No updates, no comments from recipient, no mentions on my recipient’s blog, no nada, no nothing! Can you taste the sourness in my mouth? It was during that swap that I signed up for the FS swap…otherwise, no doubt my interest wan.

Lost in the in the mail?
My partner hated it?
Her dog ate it?

I realize it was a bit avante gard, but I think it was a good attempt. A colorwash, and perhaps not fitting of just any décor? But no one said she has to hang it over the mantelpiece…just an acknowledgement would be nice.
And if you think I’m whining, you should see and hear DH. He loved that wall hanging and was quite disappointed when I broke the news that it belonged to another home and I was to give it away. His whining continues.

He loved it dearly and I knew he would be bothered so I kept mum. Until. I sat like Stella trying to get her groove back, something had to give or I was never gonna get the next doll quilt going. I had wanted to use lovely pumpkin fabric, but the guidelines advised against holiday seasonal. So I thought, think stupid! It hit me. KISS: keep it simple stupid. My partner likes traditional quilting, so I picked out a relatively easy block design, new fall colors and wham! I was on my way.

It is my prerogative, afterall, to change my mind. So I’m posting this picture of my new fabric picks and the quilt will be in the mail this week! Stay tuned for the photo.

Best of all, I managed to keep the pumpkins as backing and my husband’s whining? Well it’s nothing that can’t be drowned out by a few pints in the local pub.

Dog Ate My Doll Quilt?

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Ireland's Next Top Model

pictures intentionally removed

We may be in Ireland, but we still love the top-rated America’s Next Top Model series. And thank goodness for digital cable, cause Cutiepie and I are addicts to the show. The proof is in my Cutiepie! She poses for every picture, asking, “like Next Top Model, yeah?” and twists goes the foot. Too cute!!

While I'm on the subject, I'd like to point out that Cutiepie is her own stylist...she will change attire many times in the day and it certain to never be the desired outfit chosen by mommy!


Give Me My Sheep and Buckle Me In!

While Babydoll is busy growing and find paths of her own outside the home, Cutiepie is clinging ever so tightly to the nest. And that’s alright with me! Last spring, she relinquished the bottle and in the aftermath, was quick to throw in the diapers. Darn it, if she was denied the luxury of bottles, she sure wasn’t going to stand for those bulky paper pants!

She may dress and eat like an older toddler, but this nearly-3 year old is still all cuddles and kisses. She is very loving and needy—hard to deny either when they come packaged in one so cute!

And yet Cutiepie’s vocabulary is so vast, it is impressive. In fact, she has so many new and exciting words within her reach, she uses them all and in a variety of ways—not always correct, but we get what she is saying. Like how my wedding ring is ‘spicy’ instead of ‘spiky’. Or how my legs are ‘broccoli’, a colourful term saying Mommy hasn’t shaved (aka prickly). Don’t think she isn’t smart, cause, that one night she helped with dinner and I told her to hold the broccoli, she was quick to say, ‘this is different broccoli than your legs’ broccoli.’ Just in case I was to confuse them!

With each day that passes, I know these snippets of innocence will surely fade. I do everything in my power to remain immersed in her misplaced words and fresh frame of mind.

Kevin and I divvy up bedtime chores: he reads to the girls, leaves them to settle in and play out the last of giggles and I follow up with a prayer, kiss and a good night. Each night Cutiepie concludes with, “Mommy give me my sheep and buckle me in, please!” Which, of course, means, “Mommy give me my sheet and tuck me in please.”

One night after the usual stalling tactics, you know them; drink, boogiemen, hunger, potty—the girls pleaded with Kevin to do the honors. I heard Cutiepie begin, “buckle me in, Daddy”. To my horror, Kevin began to say, “it’s not buckle, it’s…” I ran in and immediately cut him off, while begging, please no, don’t take that from me! In time, it will be gone of its own accord and we’ll be left only with fading memories of sheep and buckling in.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Verry Visual--Remnants of My Rotation Schedule

6. Throw earth tones--this is for me! Verry excited to begin this...maybe tonight!

5. Commission baby colors--this was for a boy...yet to begin but this is where I'm gonna take it.

3. Fall Quilt Swap--begun the cutting and peicing. A bit in freeze state as I get intimated at the lovely works over at

1. Commission baby quilt: have it started, cut and the piecing is underway!!

Friday, 7 September 2007

Time to Rotate Projects

There is a reocurring theme to most my posts...time. Usually it little there is and how quickly it flies. If only, I were to have reason to complain about how much and how slow! Thus is my life and others': time and how it's spent.

My DH is forever reminding me that I, and only I, am responsible for the stress that is self-inflicted. And I agree. I can't say no. N-O. Instead I say, yes, just pile it on! I take on more projects than physically possible. Which is why when I read Barbara's post on her rotating system asking others to join along...I said, YES! anything to lessen the stress and increase the joy in crafting and thrill of completing projects...Yes!

Funny enough, just prior I had already thought out a plan to devote one hour (at minimum) to crafts each night. You see, ordinarily I won't start working on something unless the DH is fed and settled for the night, the girls are snug tight in bed, the kitchen is sparkling clean, the laundry is folded and the stars are aligned just right and I've achieved my ideal weight...yeah, right! No really, I do tend to hold off on my crafts for optimum timing--well, it's not happening Internet people! So I've come to accept one hour stitching or cutting or designing is better than no hour at all.

And even better is Barbara's system of rotating projects. I don't know about ya'll, but I can get bored and projects get stale. So purrfect solution! I've listed my to-do list on the side bar and now I'll outline the rotation order and why.
Sorry if this is boring but for me this is like laying out the ingredients for a nice chocolate rich cake--soon we'll be able to devour the delish results!

1. Commission baby quilt--this is long-promised for a friend of MIL. Unfortunately, the friend-of element always lessens the desire/drive to get it done! Now it has become a cloud hanging over me! First step to be done in under an hour--finalize the fabrics and solidify the design

2. Gift baby girl quilt--coworker's first baby! how can I resist! But I promise to do an easy peasy strip quilt so it can be done quickly.

3. Fall Quilt Swap--can't wait. Once these doll quilts start, they are easy to wrap up. So I just need to kick off with a color choice and design!

4. Commission baby blue and white--oh, this one is lingering for months. I was given an assortment of baby sleepsuits, sentimental to the mother, for cutting and appliquing to nine patch squares. The thought of having someone's sentimental-irreplaceable baby clothes in my storage makes my skin crawl. The first sign of a fire, and, nevermind the passports and family photos, I'm running for this bag of goodies. That's how serious this is!!

5. Commission baby colors--this was commissioned as 'do whatever you feel like'. Well I feel like nice and easy--another strip quilt, maybe with a boyish theme border or sash. Done dirt simple!

6. Throw earth tones--this is for me! I've gathered the colors and fabrics and want a simple patch design. Something that might make the living room more homey.

7. Pencil cases--they are so cute!!
8. Halloween wall hangings--I sell in the Farmers' Market on Sundays--and yet of late, have nothing new to put on display and sell, as I am so busy with my commissioned quilts. As soon as I make them they go to buyer, so my display at market is stale and needs u-m-p-f!

Wish me luck. I plan to blog my progress to keep me in check! Stay tuned!

ps., Starting this tomorrow as I have my date night with DH--going to sushi and movies! woohoo!

To Call or Not Call...Back

The other day I answered my phone to hear an anxious, uptight voice:
“Who are you?! What company are you calling from?! What is your name?!” "Who are you?!"
Moi: “Excuse me?”
A tad bit slower, the caller questioned, “Who are you? What company are you calling from? What is your name? Why are you calling me?” When I said this was my home and why do you ask like that, she said someone had called from my phone number into her home in Wexford.

Stammering, I said I had no idea, and that, to my knowledge no one had called her from our house. She insisted someone had—and by this point, I believed her, since she was indeed dialling back into our home. And yet, I had no answer for her. I murmured on about little daughters and wrong numbers until finally she put down the fight and hung up. Yep, that’s right I was quick to blame Babydoll and Cutiepie. And then I remembered….

Earlier that morning I had tried calling a neighbor in Wexford using dial-by-memory. Only my memory hasn’t been reliable since Winter 2002, just before life, aka babydoll, was borne from me and my memory banished, much thanks to pregnancy and all that adorns it. So I WAS the culprit and the riddle captured by this woman on her caller ID.

I felt like calling her back, explain and apologize profusely. Nearly. Though not nearly enough. ‘Cuz then I thought...what exactly is her problem? Am I her problem, me and my misguided ringing in her home? Or is her problem having nothing better to do than chase unanswered calls back to the callers?

When I matter-of-factly played this all back to my DH, he simply looked at me in disbelief. And though he does this often enough, I knew then that I had just dialled wrong number #2 of the day…

You see, my thing is this: if someone’s call to me goes unanswered for whatever reason, I rarely call back. Just because the caller’s number is readily available on caller ID, does it mean I have to ring them back? Sometimes the cost of calling back is reason enough, but moreover, I never call a number I don’t recognize. And most of the time I don’t even call the number I do recognize. With voicemail, answering machine, email, texts, and rocks through my window, if this person wants me, they’ll get me!

Armed with the best argument FOR calling back—any call could be a biz lead—my DH is appalled at my choice to not call back. He says it is comparable to walking down the road and ignoring the person waving and saying “hi”. In fact, he says it is downright rude to not return these calls!

Oh! I never have enough time to get a hold of those that I want to reach, let alone make time to call those who are trying to reach me.

‘Course, as with all rules, there are exceptions: the long-awaited-for caller, the soothing best friend, even the MIL has her privileges—she always gets my call back. The DH? Well no, not even he gets a call back --unless I’m calling free from work.

Thursday, 6 September 2007