Thursday, 5 January 2012

Picture It!

On January 1st I spent the morning with scissors in one hand, glue stick in the other. By mid day I had my future in clear view.

A few years ago I had given up making resolutions in exchange of making visionary boards. What fun! Simply find images that represent your goals of 2012--cut and paste, hang it front and centre. In my kitchen, my eyes rest on it several times a day seeing and believing my efforts will bring forward these goals.

Back in the day we would collect the various glossy magazines and cut out images. Today we have our fairy Googlemother. Click Images, type a few words and away we go. My wishes granted--in pictures, anyway.

My future is sectioned into quarters. There is my personal, me, health for mind and body. Images in upper left depict fitness, confidence, hope, healthy choices.

Below, left, is my work life, business--the magazine. The woven theme is a positivity and doubling for 2012. Positive paths, growth of an enthusiastic community and literally twice the business and twice the pay for myself.

Top, right, was a bit risque. The DH dilema. Resulting in a large scope image on a JOB for him. I attempted to prepare him for this vision making and he was reluctant to pick a chosen target--a job he would like for himself. Truth be told this is his general failing in securing a job, if I could be so bold to diagnose him. He doesn't see himself working, is unable or unwilling to articulate what he wants. It's clear he believes he is not given control of his destiny. So much more controls his destiny: the economy, the culture, even his childhood and rearing shapes and determines his future. In life this has become our greatest difference.

Moving south on the board, I think of our long driveway with its front pillars vacant of a gate and the road, pitted with potholes. As DH spotted the images of front gates and even a man in gear filling potholes, a slow smile emerged on his face.

While DH is unable to use visualisation or positive thinking to move forward, he is keen to recognise that I do and can. It is as if he knows I'll add his needs to my magic genie and DH becomes a passive rider of the magic carpet. He knows this and I know this.

The fourth quarter is my family life, a happy smiling singing family. We visualise a safe home, safe from bank, safe from damage, safe from all that harms. For 2012, the girls want to travel and a trampolene. Both of these wishes I accommodated on the visual board.

Afterall, if you jump high enough, one could argue you are traveling.

Happy new year!