Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Car

"Hey, Babydoll, take a few pictures of the car for the blog."

That's what you get when you ask a 7yo to photograph the new car.


Summer's in Swing

Cutiepie on the beach in Cork. Summer fun.
And Babydoll below. Did you know she is Hannah Montana's twin? So she thinks.

I actually managed to get out some quilts out this summer for friends' babies. In my frenzie, I never took photos. Frenzie? ah! these quilts --baby size, I admit--took two years. More like, in my comatosed handling of finishing the quilts.

Lucky for me, my friends take pictures. Besides it's always nicer to see baby quilts WITH the babies!

This one quilt lives in San Francisco. Where my heart is, btw.

And in Florida, this is Natalie with her doll quilt (above).
The idea of doll quilts delayed the first gift for Katherine, her sister here (above) clearly enjoying her quilt! Score!

The final one is baby Ryan, he's also in San Francisco. Home of four Hughes boys and four baby quilts from Ireland!
His oldest brother Harry received my first quilt ever, ever nearly six years ago. Polyester loft wadding and quilt tied. I promised his mommy a new one to better match the other boys' quilts. The last two, incidently, I did two versions of Bento Box patterning, and it was completely by accident!
I'm so glad they enjoy them. Katherine and Natalie's mommy, my good friend Erin was so kind with her compliments as she shared on her blog.
Sniff! Sniff! Makes me homesick for my friends.

Also makes me wish I could go sit and sew and get further on my baby list of quilts!! Today I'm still working --we have a print deadline to make!--but tomorrow, I'm all stitches!
I hope your summer is going great!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Miley, What have you done with my daughter?

Doting mommy: "Babydoll, I'd like you to brush your teeth now."
Babydoll: "Good luck with that."