Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Delayed Sewing

Over Christmas, my MIL and I conspired. She's a recent convert to quilting. I taught her to make a couple quilted pillow covers a while back, and well, this 70yo lady now sews like she's adding years to her life with every stitch. Bless her soul.

DH answered a phone call earlier today amid the snow blizzard that's keeping us in lockdown. I overheard the start...How's the girls? climbing the walls When's school open? not soon enough How much snow do you have? more than enough. When he hung up, he turned to fill me in.

"You know, the usual. My ma, checking on us all." Then he chuckled, "Actually," he said, "I think she's looking for a fix. She said she's done with her sewing. She's looking for more fabric. She said maybe, when the weather lifts you could bring her what she needs."

MIL had asked me to make some table runners for the other ladies in the family and so I did. They can be seen below. For her, I stripped some William Morris Workshop layer cakes and she's been busy sewing them together for a unique table runner of her own. She's sewing by hand, so it's quite a feat. I'm verry proud of her.

The bad news here is school's been closed. The good news is our au pair is due to arrive today from France. The airport was closed yesterday afternoon, so my fingers are crossed for her safe arrival.
We have so many errands and appointments delayed by the freezing weather, it will be a blizzard of it's own getting busy once we're able to leave this mountain. And, certainly, no one likes to keep a fabric junkie waiting!