Saturday, 26 September 2009

Promises In Time

Five years ago to this day, I was a crying mess. A big bloated, swollen, fat puddle, that's what I was. I remember sobbing all day and all night.

I was about to have surgery and my world would change as I knew it. Babydoll was 2 1/2 and her life would change too. My marriage might even changed with this impending surgery.
So you see, that is why I was crying. At the drop of the hat.

I was losing control. What I knew would soon change. What if I can't cope? What if Babydoll has difficulty? Everything was on me and my body.

A few days later I returned from the hospital with my new little Cutiepie wrapped snuggly, and all those big cares and concerns were transferred to feeding, sleeping and pooping routines. Overall, Babydoll gained a best friend and our home and marriage became complete.

Today, and everyday, I thank God for these two girls and the joy and love they bring me. And last night was no different.

DH was gone for the evening, so I let the girls crash with me. And crash I did. My head ached and my eyes were heavy and before I knew it Cutiepie was coaxing me into changing the channels on my bedroom TV. I told her I was so tired and that's when she suggested she would be the mommy for the night.

And so, for the rest of the evening, inbetween TV programming, in my slightly slumber state, I was treated to sporadic little kisses on my forehead, eyes and mouth, with, most pleasantly, whispers of sweetness: "I'll always love you" and "You're my baby forever" .

For five years, this little child has heard these nightly promises, but on this night, they were all mine.

Remember to kiss your loved ones today!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Second Day of School

And they're off.

Thank goodness, says Mom.