Friday, 31 December 2010

Skirting Around Christmas

When you sew into Christmas eve, wrap expeditiously and proceed to konk out, you risk forgetfulness. And, forgotten are the photographs of cute Christmas skirts.

Lucky for me, yet again this Yuletide season, money was tight :)...forcing me to once again sew the girls' Christmas outfit. It's ok. There'll come a year when my daughters refuse homemade clothes, and well, we'll have cash flowing for department-store fashions. Positive thinking.

About three weeks before Christmas, my neighbor dropped off fabric remnants. Included was a fabulous red tartan plaid with teddy bears. This first set of skirts actually materialised a week before Christmas--and I did take photos--but can't locate them!

Using a simple elastic waist, I added a front panel for extra Scottish flair. The girls wore them on Christmas Eve. I'll take another photo for posting.

Ever more festive, the Christmas Eve sewing resulted in two Christmas patchwork-tiered skirts, made from my Christmas fabric and matching stash. You can just about see them here.

The girls like them as much as I do. Thankfully. Babydoll, hers in aqua blue and red, has been recycling her look by swapping out coloured leggings below the skirt. She is our fashion diva making the gypsy-ish skirt ubercool.

Since my last post I conquered the post-Christmas kitchen, dishes, and floor. Next the dirty laundry. With any luck I can press the skirts just right and redo for post-perfect photography!

Hey, happy new year!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Christmas Myth

Discussion of whether Santa is real...overheard on Christmas day:

Cutiepie, 6yo: Do you think Santa is real?

Babydoll, 7yo: Of course! There's no way Daddy or Mommy would do all this!

Monday, 27 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Two days after Christmas, and who's still merry? Me!

Santa brought lots of goodies to the good girls here and I am no exception.
He and DH must be talking. Under the tree was a DVD of The Secret for me. Now, I have the CDs and listen every chance I get.
For those unfamilar, they are "good feel" inspirational tapings. I don't care what religious or nonreligious stance you take, remembering to be grateful and happy can change your whole day, year and life. These CDs help do that.
My DH is a second-hand smoker to my first-hand smoking--only subsitute the fags for inspirational tapings (ie., good vibes). You will never find him turning on the CD player, but believe me, he knows he is a direct benefacturer.
Exhibit A: DVD of The Secret. That amazed me--I personally would not buy the DVD, a refresher of the CDS, but not the DVD.
This is not to be intrepreted as a complaint, just driving home the point. Good vibes are contagious.

As if I needed more motivation--and who doesn't? Days before Christmas I was given the gift every entrepreneur dreams of--a meeting face to face with a very influential person. The timing was whirlwind and because of this short timing, I did little research. Who unfolded before me was and is incredible. To have an hour of his time three days before Christmas was Santa-like. Before we concluded our meeting, he said Happy Christmas and handed me his book, The Unsinkable Entrepreneur.
Four days later. Incredible reading. My inlaws are probably still scorning me, as I buried my head in the book throughout the holiday. What normal entrpreneural mom, wouldn't? Christmas-hyped kids and leftover Christmas dinner and my time was all mine. A real treat.

I hope you all had a great Christmas adventure whether that be head buried in a book or singing Christmas carols for neighbors!

Right now I've got so much get-up-and-go from my two inspired Christmas treats, I'm contemplating where to put that energy to best use? The year holds so much for our family and for the magazine. I could get a head on in the office. I'm a mom--who am I kidding?

Two days and the dishes won't wash themselves!

Peace to all,