Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Verry Point

Today's conversation with Babydoll:

BD: Mom, I can’t find my blankie with the teddy bears.

Me: Your blankie is at Auntie Berni’s house.

(lots of pause and concentration)

BD: No! You’re wrong Mom!!

Me: Excuse me?

BD: Mom, you’re wrong!

(lots of hand waving, BD, not me)

BD: You see, I took my blankie to Sue’s house in Wexford and I left it there.

Me: Your pink blankie?

BD: No! My. Blue. Blankie. With. Bears. All. Over. It! But…Sue gave it back to me when she came to our house and I put it in my room.

Me: Oh! I’m not sure what blankie this is…can you show it to me tonight?

(look of disbelief from BD—a lot like I get from DH)

BD: I. DON’T. KNOW. WHERE. IT. IS.!!! That was the POINT, Mommmmm!

Are four year olds allowed to have a point? A valid one, at that?

Even though I unnerved her to no end, I would have given anything to keep this conversation going …growing up is fun to…watch!

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